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Charlie Tahan on set and more fan pics

This is from the website of the company, Ahimsa Kids which is providing on set tutoring to Charlie Tahan:

^i'm pretty sure but not positive that is him

this definitely is him though in the full version:

Fan pics.

I think these are all from the photo/autograph session at 2 a.m. after Zac was done filming that people were twittering about in the wee hours of this morning. They are under a cut cause the last twitter is actually private and it is a fault in the system that allows private twitterer's twitpics to be not private. LULZ @TWITTER ON SO MANY LEVELS.

^his jeans look dorky here, no?

first two, last one (the private one)

eta: this was posted to imdb today too... somewhat confirming my above hypothesis:

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