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So Sean Blishen went back today. Didn't meet Zac cause he arrived and went straight to work and couldn't come out until early early the next morning. But the story and more pics (some of Zac and Charlie and the REAL house this time):

Log Rolling, Paparazzi Friends and Graduation.
Today was definatly a replay of yesterday... just more exciting.

Today I was much more prepared, bringing a picnic and extra batteries. Jenna and I met once again, taking the same buses and Skytrain route as yesterday. We got to the Charlie set around 11:00 AM, being the first people there other then crew. No one was in the area, just locals not really giving a care about the current situation.

Today was a bit different because we talked to the crew (who were all really nice compared to my experiences on the Selena Gomez set of 'Ramona and Beezus') and they gave us information. Around 2:00 I met up with Kelsey and Becca infront of the local school (crafty, trucks, etc. were being kept in the back parking lot) and we walked back down. There were only 2 paparrazzi at the set and they got kicked out. Not sure EXACTLY why, but they started a fight with the crew...not a good idea.

As we were told, Zac would be arriving at 3:00. Today he was on time and they we're filming house scenes (the pictures I took yesterday were at the wrong house ((their neighbors)), got new pictures of the right house today though). He arrived in a regular white shuttle bus that was also used for extras.

It was good being the first ones to spot him because we didn't have to go through the huddling of about 40 girls. Kelsey and I walked up and down the street, passing the set and trying to take pictures. Zac tried hiding behind the trees of the house along with crew members because of the countless fans and cameras... something I guess he wasn't too fond of at that moment. Don't get me wrong, Zac's a great guy and we've all heard that he loves fans so don't worry.

We decided that instead of hanging around with all the other girls, we we're going to take it to the next level. Never in my life have I ever done anything like this. I couldn't believe that I did it either. I climbed into the forest infront of the house to get a good view of Zac. Trust me people, it wasn't easy but it was well worth it. As we got onto the hill in the forest, directly infront of the house, we got a bird's eye view of Zac. No one noticed us 4 girls, taking pictures and nosily stepping in the crunching leaves and breaking twigs. We actually got to see some filming done as we sat behind a log and got some good pictures. Unfortunatly, a crew member saw us and Becca freaked. She ended up doing a really weird roll off the log and getting sap on her Lacoste shirt lol.

After that fiasco we decided to leave. We then headed down the hill when we saw a crew member. We stopped him and asked him when Zac would be able to come out and greet fans. He said that Zac would end production at 3 AM and would then come out. This crew member (who I must say was one of the nicest guys ever) also told us where they would be filming on Monday. We soon decided that none of us were going to last till 3 AM because we lived so far away and public transit would be closed. We all decided that we should head out for the Eclipse set.

Click for bigger...

So I guess she photographed the wrong house yesterday and this is the real house:

Sean also talks some about Twilight. If you are into that, check out her blog.

And based on people's twitters, Zac did come out around 2am to sign autographs and take pics... I only found mentions thus far, no twitpics, but if they come up I'll be sure to post.

Oh and I just checked and Mandy posted her friend's pics of Zac from the day of the geese chasing and shirtlessness... sorry to disappoint (it sounds like she is disappointed too, lol) but he has his shirt on.

^lol hello zefron's lower face :D

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