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A blogger's set visit

By Sean Blishen:

Vampire Hunts and Zac Efron.

So today was one of those many days when I decide to go looking for celebrities. A lot is going on in town right now so I thought I may have so luck. Today's hunt: the Eclipse set and Zac Efron!

So the day started out pretty slow. First stop: "The Life and Death of Charlie St.Cloud" set. I had to take 3 buses and a skytrain in order for me to go hunting. So as I was on the bus with Jenna, we saw set signs pointing to the location. We basically freaked out and ran off the bus as soon as we could. As we followed the arrows, about 5 blocks from the main road and we found nothing other then an extras holding and parking for staff. This was definatly not the end of our search. We walked back up to the main drag and met our friends Kelsey and Becca. With them, we drove down the highway and found movie lights, Zac Efron's car (for the movie) and a bunch of filming trucks. We looked around there and found trailers for the cast and crew. Before we knew it, the crew was moving almost everything to a different location. We asked where it was going and non-surprisingly they told us that it was a location that couldn't be named. From there on we decided that we were going to follow the trucks in hope for the set. Long story short, it didn't work. We soon decided to check the cemetary where Zac had been filming lately.

After several U-turns and car honks from us we finally get to the graveyard to find nothing but a movie setless cemetary. After that we decided to check out the Eclipse set.

[...a paragraph on twilight...]

We all soon decided that it was enough running around and that we needed to get back to finding Zac.

Since none of us could go on to the internet on our phones we took a quick stop at the Apple Store in Pacific Centre. We checked all blogs and recent postings for Zac Efron but nothing was new from the morning. All we saw was the many people now following us on twitter because of where we had been.

We then went back to the area where Zac was filming, going back to where the extras holding and staff parking was. We saw that the once empty lot was now full and trucks driving left and right. We decided that following one of the trucks would possibly lead to Zac, and guess what? We were right! We found the set and soon settled in, thanking god that there wasn't as many girls here. We all walked down to the street where they were filming Zac's movie house and other lights were set up there. We saw where the acting doubles and cast was. We also noticed that the doubles were sitting in the car that we had recently saw in the morning. There wasn't a lot of hype compared to the Eclipse set. After waiting for about an hour we decided to only stay for 15 more minutes. Right before we were about to leave a police car and an extras shuttle shows up with more cast and crew. We realized that something was about to happen and stayed. There was a crew member near me and as I listened to their conversation we heard that someone on the radio was talking about Zac. Soon enough, the car from earlier is being dragged behind a truck and guess whoes in it? Zac Efron along with his screen mother and brother. Zac was wearing his graduation robe along with a green sort of over coat. He smiled and waved at us, saying hello. We decided not to bother him too much because they were about to film a scene.

Tomorrow is going to be a replay of today, hopefully more succesful though. Maybe a picture with Zac Efron himself? I think so...

I'm not going to post the pics of the trucks and possible other background cars, etc... you can check out the blog if you want to see those... I'm just going to post the ones of the house and of Zac and Kim. Click for bigger:

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