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Locations Update and a lucky person stumbled upon the set

I'm gonna make this friends only just cause I feel weird blogging so openly about very specific filming locations. That doesn't matter now, so switching to public. Enjoy!



1) Deep Cove... it appears from various Twitters they are using the high school in Deep Cove to film Charlie's high school graduation scenes. There are a bunch of twitterers going in on Monday for background work. source, among others)

5) Eagle Harbor... this may have just been their dock for the sailing scenes, but they may have also filmed some of the award ceremony scenes here.

6) North Vancouver Cemetery... some of the cemetery scenes (source)

7) Central Park, Burnaby... more cemetery scenes. (source)

For the original locations post (with details on 2-4), click here.

A woman named Mandy happened across the Charlie St. Cloud set while looking for Twilight stuff.

Click for bigger:

I met Zac Efron - Totally Random....

OMG - Let me tell you what happened....

Went by some past sets today to show some girls from Oregon what all went down during New Moon Filming.

We were on our way to the "Pool" Set when a friend of mine who lives near there texted me to say "Filming at pool - Eclipse?" (She is a fan of the books but has never come out to a set with me)

I told her we were a couple blocks away and I would let her know what was filming.

I felt excited, how awesome would it be to have these girls from Oregon stumble upon a LIVE SET???

We saw tons of crew trailors and we parked to walk over towards the filming area in the park.

I already knew Zac Efron was in town as I'd blogged about him a couple weeks ago but had no real interest in "finding him" (although I do know a lot of girls who are ha ha)

Anyways...... he is filming The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud about a dude whose brother dies and so he gets a job at the cemetery and hangs out with his dead brother, until a girl comes along and there in lies the conflilct...


We wandered through the trail and chatted with a few PAs all of who gave us the green light to walk up close and peak at what was going on...

So we thanked the PAs and asked if Zac Efron was around. She said "I shouldn't say anything but he is here" WHAT?!?! WHERE?!?!?!

(side note - I am not was not a ZAC EFRON fan - my daughter is...)

She said they weren't filming right now but he was in the trailor... then right when we were about to thank her she said "Don't scream or run at him bt he is walking over here right now"

We all look and sure enough here comes this floating ball of pretty....

He has shorter hair than I recall from his days as "Troy" on HSM... and I have not yet seen 17 Again (though I plan too VERY VERY SOON) but he was there in the flesh in front of us...

Now I didn't wanna go fangirl - since I am not a fan er was not - er AM NOT... um.... but I couldn't help but think of how pretty he is.... and how pretty his babies would be.... and how pretty... making babies would be ... which... nevermind...

I ripped my mind back to Hisgh School Musical and then could only think of my daughter's obsession and how much she would love to have a photo of him.... so I walked up to him and politely asked for a photo...

He's a Disney Kid, There is ONE guy walking with him, there are maybe FOUR people in the entire PARK that are NOT part of the crew.... and Pretty-Boy says...

"Sorry guys I am already late to the set"


Polite Enough

But really?

He proceeded to set and sat his pretty lil bum on his pretty lil chair and that was that...


So I was kicking myself for not just snapping a pic as he floated his pretty lil self towards me... or when his pretty lil voice rejected my polite request for a photo... at least two of people I was with shot pictures of him walking away - I quickly tried to video tape but he already sat down and was blocked by all the damn fake trees!!!

Anyways - I am now more interested to meet him again and get a pretty picture of him and my daughter.... how could he say no to her?? I mean me... sure... rejection... no biggie... but a 6 year old? C'Mon?!?!? I don't think he could... or would...

Anyways - VERY cool encounter... Once I get the photos of him walking away from us emailed to me I will post or at least link.... he had a cute bum... LOL


I'm surprised she thought it was such a cool encounter even though he couldn't stop for a photo... I guess she realizes he is actually working. But I do hope she gets to go back with her daughter and get a pic at a more opportune time, maybe at the end of filming another day.
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