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Zefron has posted that they received official word that 17 Again has been pushed back to early 2009. This confirms an earlier rumor noted by Popstar! magazine.

Originally the film's release was scheduled for 2009 but got moved up to August 15th. Understandably, New Line/WB doesn't want this to go up against Tropic Thunder and Star Wars Clone Wars. So pushing it back a bit seems like a good idea... but all the way till 2009?

It makes little sense because they've started promotion and the two test screening reviews we had were positive (though that hardly means the screening was wholly successful).

New Line is in flux right now of course, possibly causing problems... but my guess is they decided to do some reshoots and can't fit them in quickly enough and/or before the actor's strike (should that come to pass).

The only other thing that seems likely is they want an HSM3 boost.

Whatever the reason, this is quite depressing cause I was totally looking forward to this movie!

Not happy! Not at all!
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