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Another movie possibility... Spin

From Marc Malkin:

Zac Efron may be spinning into a theater near you.

I just got word that the 17 Again heartthrob's peeps are taking a look at turning first-time author Robert Rave's debut novel, Spin, into a feature film.

No deals have been made, but Efron would star as Taylor Green, a recent college grad from the Midwest who works for one of New York City's most wretched publicists. Think The Devil Wears Prada in the world of public relations...

In this fun and sometimes twisted novel (out Aug. 18), Taylor finds himself mixed up in shady dealings involving lots of sex, drugs and lies.

Although Rave worked in theater PR as well as for New York City power mouthpiece Lizzie Grubman, he has repeatedly insisted the work is not a memoir.

Efron is currently shooting the drama The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. He's made no secret that he is looking to move away from his status as a High School Musical teen idol.

Spin would definitely help Efron there. I won't spoil it for ya, but in one scene, Taylor, who is straight, ends up trying to, um, seal a business deal in a bathroom with a man who is definitely not quite as hetero!

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