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Will Zac put his sailing skills to use again?

I think I mentioned this kid, Zac Sunderland, somewhere awhile back because I thought it was a lovely coincidence that his name was Zac too and he'd just sailed around the world (ALONE at AGE 16-17!)... and our Zac had been practicing sailing so much. IDK, it was cute and good timing.

But according to this new article... there may actually be something more to come in this happy coincidence.

The important bit:

"[Zac Sunderland] said he was about to meet with actor Zac Efron about possibly turning his adventure into a movie."

This teen sailed the world solo

When he encountered pirates on the Indian Ocean he loaded his pistol and locked himself in his cabin.

Near the island of Grenada he survived a 20-foot rogue wave that nearly sent him sprawling overboard at 2 a.m.

There was also the four straight days without sleep while he repaired rigging in a storm, the 24 straight hours of plowing through 10-foot seas, and the 13 months of living on canned food and desalinated water.

Zac Sunderland is only 17 years old.

And when he reached Marina Del Rey, Calif., on July 16, he became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world alone by sailboat.

Can you imagine?

He crossed three oceans, five seas and went across the equator twice aboard a 36-foot Islander he bought with his savings for $6,000.

Most kids his age are lucky if their parents let them drive to Sea World.

"Someone's going to break the record," he said from his home in Thousand Oaks, Calif. "It was more the adventure I had along the way."

To put this in perspective, the American Sailing Association estimates that fewer than 250 people in contemporary history have sailed around the world alone.

Three times that many have climbed to the top of Mount Everest.

Not only did Sunderland become the youngest, but he also became the first to do it under the age of 18.

He left Marina Del Rey on June 14, 2008 as a 16-year-old. He turned 17 on Nov. 29 while alone at sea.

Sunderland made limited stops along the way, and there were times his father flew to ports to help him fix the boat.

It wasn't always exciting, either. He endured long stretches without wind where he barely bobbed along. The average speed of such a boat is roughly 1-2 mph, or the speed of a person walking.

"I had a lot of time to think and I tried to keep myself as busy as possible," he said.

He studied charts, worked on his boat, even did homework. He e-mailed completed tests to his mother. He said the loneliness subsided after five days, and he never hallucinated.

"I didn't think of the whole trip when I was out there," he said. "It was, 'I can't wait to get to Africa, I can't wait to get to Australia, then a third of the trip is over.'

"It took over year, and that's a long time to be out there, but I never thought I wouldn't make it."

As for the pirates he encountered, they trailed him for awhile in a boat without a flag, lost interest for whatever reason and turned off and sped away. Gunfire wasn't needed.

And he survived the 20-foot rogue wave near the Caribbean by holding onto the mast with all the strength he could muster -- "I never thought I was going to die (at any point during the trip)," he said.

When he finally returned home one of the first things he did was go to a local fast-food place for a double cheeseburger. He lost 20 pounds while away.

And take a stab at what he missed the most. That's right, playing high school football.

He is now a sailing celebrity who has made appearances on several national news programs.

He said he was about to meet with actor Zac Efron about possibly turning his adventure into a movie.

And yet, how do you turn what really is someone's secret into a screenplay?

How could anyone possibly depict the brilliance of the rainbows he must have seen? Or what a million stars looked like on the darkest of nights? Or how awesome the black storm clouds appeared on the horizon?

"The power of the ocean is amazing," he said.

And it calls to him still.

"I want to get off on the next adventure as soon as I can," he said. "I can't explain it, but it's weird not to live on boat."

So this gets filed under may or may not... but it is an interesting idea (if it's true).
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