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May 6th
09:39 am
Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky were nominated for MTV Movie Awards!


· Zac Efron- Hairspray
· Seth Rogen- Knocked Up
· Jonah Hill- Superbad
· Michael Cera- Superbad
· Chris Brown- This Christmas
· Nikki Blonsky- Hairspray
· Megan Fox- Transformers
· Christopher Mintz-Plasse- Superbad

I totally think the kiss at the end should've been nominated for Best Kiss. It was way cuter than the HP kiss which was way too long and all kinds of awkward!

Oh and Nikki really should have been nominated for Female Performance (especially over Jessica Biel, WTF?).

Anyways. I'm not sure Zac will be able to attend cause HSM3 will still be filming. But hopefully he'll get to be there with Nikki B.

Mood: geekygeeky
Music: The Most Serene Republic - The Men Who Live Upstairs