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Ignore this post if the thought of burning calories terrifies you

OMG, this post is for my IRL friends who love to hike, kayak, etc. They aren't always impressed by zefron's smooth moves on the dance floor, but this should earn their respect.

Although, tbf, Zac was doing this at sea level. He needs to try this at elevation and then my friends will have no qualms qualifying him as bona fide outdoor badass.

Let me set the mood first:

This hike is called the Grouse Grind. Like the twitterer said, it is an elevation gain of 2800 feet over just 1.8 miles, approximately an average incline of 30%. Average hiking time is 90 minutes and the official record is 26:19. It seems like fit people usually finish in the 40-60 minute range.

OH AND FOR THE RECORD, one of my friends wants me to let Zac know (LOL) that he has a standing invitation to go snowboarding this winter with her. Just name the date and time.

And trust me, zefron, my friends... they know how to have a good time on the slopes. They won't take you to any of these pathetic hipster places like Aspen or Whistler where UGGs and Starbucks are standard issue. They know the ins and outs of the backcountry, man. The best powder and the sweetest places to ride anywhere in the US.

source, more facts and pics here and here.
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