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Could this website just stop posting casting stuff/rumors/quotes about Zac. Usually when they do it's weirdness that results in some sort of anti-fan hysteria... ie the Star Wars TV show thing, the Back to the Future thing, etc. Granted they were sort of first on the JQ thing... but still!

From Moviehole:

On the road at the moment, so I'll make this one quick...

A reliable scooper tells Moviehole that pop-muffins Zac Efron and Brittany Snow have been approached to co-star opposite Miley Cyrus in a reboot of the classic “Gidget” film series (You’ll recall they’re the classics that launched Sally Field to fame!). Apparently this is all coming together quite quickly...

Said flick is envisioned to be the first in a long-line of “Gidget” movies. The musical-comedy will feature popstress Cyrus in the titular role, that of a young girl who discovers surfing and love (in that order) during one transitive summer. Efron is, we suspect, being sought to play the love interest.

Now neither Efron or Snow are signed, as far as I can gather, and the producers are merely feeling them out at the moment.
Still, thought you'd be interested kids!

Sandra Dee originated the role of Gidget in Paul Wendkos’s 1959 original. The flick was one of the first "beach movies" and was followed by two sequel films, various television series, several telemovies… and lots of imitators. Field took over the role of Gidget in a short-lived TV series.

Can see the kids lining up already….

…. More on this as we get it.


SRSLY: michael-scott-screaming-no.gif and family-guy-throwing-up.gif

But really, pretty sure this would get a pass from the Zefron camp.

SIDE NOTE: The surfing part obviously intrigues me, but, Zac, there are at least two or three way better surfing movies in development. DO THOSE!
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