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Zac's been gettin' his drink on at Opus Bar bbs

Snitches who weren't content with just twittering about how awesome a guy Zac was when they met him on Friday alerted Marc Marlkin to the specifics of Z's activities at the bar.

According to a snitch:

-Zac was there with 3 guys and 1 girl (not V) for supposedly 2.5 hours.
-Zac and party declined a private room (which MM tries to make an ego thing but w/e, we know Z's just chill).
-Zac was totally friendly with fans who approached him.
-Zac and party consumed Cherry Salome Sour cocktails, Belvedere and soda, and finished off with rounds of SKYY Vodka shots.

I have learned an important lesson from these details: NEVER confide in the bartender at the Opus Bar. He/she clearly doesn't understand what discretion is.

eta (8/23): hey the bartender who helped zac just posted this on ontd:

"I was serving Zac at the opus that night, and I just have to say... I have no idea how in the fuck anyone found out all that information, cause I didn't say a fucking word to anyone!

He was the sweetest most polite dude, and a good tipper as well, p.s.:

so there you have it... i completely take back what i said, the bartender (at least) can be trusted :)
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