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Jul 23rd
04:11 pm
Some more from yesterday  
More pics from yesterday with Amanda, Burr, a fluffy dog, and a Willy Wonka-esque bad ass boat.

^i presume they are supposed to be on the boat, but it is kind of hard to tell.


is it too much to ask for some zac sailing pictures? please :) :) :)
Mood: busybusy
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ohinternets on July 24th, 2009 03:11 pm (UTC)
He looks SO CUTE and TINY and very stylish ;) but WHAT IS SHE WEARING, IDEK.

If Ashley doesn't follow them, they're not real. (I don't trust Monique or Corbin to ferret out the fakers because Corbin was at one point following 3 different fake Zacs at the same time and Monique has followed a few posers too. But I'm figuring not much gets by Ashley. hahaha.)

Lucas had a few impersonators - one got to 9,000+ followers in less than 2 weeks. (Which is frustrating to me as a fan because obviously fan interest is there if 9,000 people were willing to follow a BAD impersonation of Lucas, but oh, well.) The last incarnation was @lucasgrabeel13 by a guy named Israel Hernandez who not only was impersonating him on MySpace too (he owns the username lucasgrabeel there, so everyone believed it was really him) but also on SayNow.com and was having live chats and getting little girls to call him on SayNow. Can we say creepy? Can we say Andie emailed Marc, Lucas' BFF, about the creepster and inspired them to put up this lovely notice on his official site? Oh, yes, we did. :)