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As if I need another reason not to see Speed Racer

It's bad enough that Zac Efron isn't Speed, but this ad was blogged about on ONTD regarding chimpanzee abuse on the Speed Racer set.

I'm not a vegetarian (I have been at times, but my body really can't go without meat, sorry!), but I don't condone animal abuse like this article alleges.

At the bottom of the article is a form letter which you can edit. So I sent in my opinion.

Subject: I'm Boycotting 'Speed Racer'

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am mostly boycotting Speed Racer because Zac Efron is not in it. He would have been a way better Speed than Emile Hirsch, who while also a good actor, is not anime enough or tall enough. I know there are lot of arguments on the internets about how tall Zef is but undoubtedly he is taller than Emile (and cuter).

But we digress. Another casting problem has recently come to light as well. And honestly, it is more worrisome than a miscast Speed. I am extremely disappointed with the WB for using a live chimpanzee to play the role of Chim Chim in Speed Racer. Great apes used for entertainment are treated horribly. I guess I don't get why if so much of the rest of the movie is faked with CGI why Chim Chim couldn't be too.

So basically you really screwed both these decisions up and if I ever do see the WB film version of this, trust me, I won't be paying for it.

I hope that Warner Bros. never uses chimpanzees or any other great apes in its productions again (and never chooses anyone so obviously inferior to Zefron again).

[Your name]

I truly hope they listen. :)
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