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News Roundup - Photoshoot, MAOW, PH

1) Photoshoot/Cover possible:

It is unclear what magazine this is for, or if they are even for the same magazines. But it does seem like a photoshoot is coming up. The question is, what for?

This leads us to...

2) September release for MAOW?

A good reason Zac'd be doing a photoshoot now would obviously be for MAOW promotion. The timing is about right for fall magazines... and according to a recent interview with James Tupper in a Buffalo, NY newspaper, September may be MAOW's month of release, despite previous rumors of October:

There was also a four-episode arc as Christina Applegate’s suitor on “Samantha Who?” and a role in the feature “Me and Orson Welles” opposite Zac Efron, Claire Danes and Ben Chaplin. It will open in theaters in September, about the same time as the medical drama “Mercy,” Tupper’s second series as a regular, will premiere on NBC.

If he's getting covers of magazines, it seems like they are gearing up for a big promotion. But with no major distributor and no date announced it is all very, very mysterious. We all know how amazing Zac's team is though at getting him on the right covers and shows.

I also hope that the journalist did not just accidentally misread the date for the TIFF premiere as 2009 instead of 2008. That kind of thing has happened before. :/

As per usual, wait and see :D

Third thing got kind of long so I put it under a cut:

3) Perez

I've said some of this before elsewhere, so sorry if it sounds overly familiar, lol.

I don't really care that much about or for Perez. I think he's childish, confused, hypocritical and not even that good at blogging anymore.

But I do understand why Zac doesn't bitch him out for being a jerk about Vanessa.

I know it seems like maybe Zac should do the chivalrous thing and stand up for Vanessa but what would it achieve? You have to pick your battles and this isn't a good one. And as to Zac sending Perez champagne on his birthday... there is something to be said for keeping your enemies closer and also killing someone with kindness.

Complaining will not make Perez change his ways. And Zac cannot stop every single critic of Vanessa around the world from bitching about her. She's made a decision to be in the business and she has to be able to handle the bitchy and/or jealous gossips. Let's not forgot that she can stand up for herself if she really feels a need.

Also, a lot of normal people get frustrated when celebrities complain. When people are homeless and jobless, have no retirement or healthcare, some wealthy, beautiful young actress complaining about an over-grown man-child drawing an x through her face seems really fucking lame. In other words, her life could be a lot worse. And I guarantee that people would use Vanessa or Zac, on her behalf, complaining as ammo against them, multiplying the problem.

Does this make it fair? Absolutely not, we are all just humans after all and nobody really deserves what Perez does.

But that is how media and culture work right now. Yes, Perez might have the widest reach and it might be great to shut him up. But he's not alone in being unfairly bitchy to someone who's just trying to get through life and be successful at what they like to do.

Rational people realize too that what he says is bullshit. It's like the ontd troll tbh. In the end, the best defense against her accusations was just letting her run her mouth off... her own words illustrated what a crazy and irrational person she was. (Though I would never send her Cristal for her birthday lol).

All that said, when you expect everyone else to bear the brunt of your jokes endlessly, but you cannot take a harmless joke against you... you really need to lighten the fuck up or gtfo.

From his website and the upcoming interview in EW:

On the Funny or Die spoof, featuring Breckin Meyer and Zac Efron, of our encounter video post:

“It was funny, but at the same time it was making fun of a violent attack. I wasn’t hurt but I was surprised because I’ve been nothing but glowing about Zac Efron. Maybe I was hurt a little, yeah.”

Just like I said about Vanessa needing to be able to handle the critics, Perez needs to also. But clearly he cannot, and whereas Vanessa and Zac come off as taking the higher road, Perez just sounds like a whiny bitch.

He really is delusional too if he believes Zac has no reason to take part in a spoof against him.

and two pics for fun:

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