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This is a Zac being nice post, lol

Finally I have a chance to post the untagged pics from the Make a Wish event.

Bitch all you want about the hair, all I see is EYES.


Also someone posted this on twitter:

And via her twitter, a girl posted her story of meeting Zac at Ellen's show on her myspace:

Ok soo on my recent trip to america with my mum and lil sister nicky. my mum happento get me a ticket to go to the ellen degeneres show taping for the 14/5/09 [ed. note: really 4/14/09 but w/e] and because nicky was to young to go in the audience mum couldnt come with soo i went by myelf. soo any way when the day came along we all went to warner bro studios in L.A and did the studio tour in morning and then went and lined up for the ellen show when a guy that work for the show came out and adressed the crowed about who was going to on the show and her said " ok today the specail guest will be mr ZAC EFRON and demi lovato" thats when i started freaking out and jumping up and down going OMFG mum im going to seee zac efron !!! and my sister was soo devo that she was missing out on going because she is like the biggest zac efron fan ever (and weridly enough on that day she was wearing her I LOVE TROY t-shirt with zacs face on) soo she started crying and was really upset . when this other lady who was an intern at the ellen show came up to us and said " look its breaking my heart seeing her cry. do u think i could take a photo of her on my phone to show to my producer and to see wat i can do" soo she took the photo of nicky crying in her i love troy t-shirt then went off and about 10 mins later came back and said " look all i can do is get u guys (mum and nicky) in the riff raff room (the room behind the audience for everyone who couldnt get inthe audience) and you can watch zac and ellen on the big screen because she is to young"

soo then i went off by myself and went to the studio where for some reason i got put in the front row with all the vip people and i was sitting next to some hollywood producer lady and ellens mum and zac efron mum where sitting right behind me. then at about 4 ish the show started and everyone had to dancing and cheer when ellen came out and then about 15 mins later she introduced ZAC and omg he came out and everyone screamed he was sooo hot in real life and actually pritty skinny but musclar at the same time ahaha but anyway half through the interview when they had stop fliming cause it was an ad break i notice that zac was sorta looking my way soo i waved and he smiled and waved back. and i was like OMG HE JUST WAVED AT ME LOL. and then after that ellen and zac headed up the stairs (he stoped on the way to give his mum a hug.soo sweet) and i thought that they were going to like pick some one from the audience to play a game but they didnt they just headed straight out.i was just like hmm. soo i just stood there dancing with everyone ahaha but little did i know that at that time zac and ellen went out in to the riff raff room and called my sister up soo that she could met him and they flimed her going up some stairs and zac give her a hug!!! then after that ellen called my mum to come up to and when my mum met ellen and zac she said to zac " omg zac my eldest daughter is in the audience and she is going to be soo upset that we met u" and zac said "Really, where is she i will go down and met her!" and mum was like " umm i think she is at the front cause i saw her on the tv"
and zac said "ok whats her name ?" mum said " dannielle" and he said " ok ill go and find her" but then ellen said " ok why dont we all go in" so mum,nicky,zac,ellen all came back down though the audience. while i was just clapping my hands and dancing ahaha. thats when i heard everyone cheering soo i turned around to see my mother and ellen walking down and i started freaking out and screaming at the top of my lungs "OMG MUM " and i was waving my hands trying to get them to notice me LOL while at that time zac asked nicky "where is your sister" and nicky said the girl waving her hands soo zac went up to this girl think it was me and said "hey are u dannielle?" then mum quickly went no thats not her she down there and he goes "whoops".

then once i finally got mums attention mum and ellen waved at me and point for me to turn around when i did there was zac efron right in front of me and he said "hey are u dannielle cause i think im supposed to come say hi to you?" and I said " umm YES THATS ME" And he said "ok,im zac it really nice to met you" and he shook my hand and i said " it is really nice to meet you to=)" then for some reason he held my hand for a while and the he asked a few questions like hows it goin how long have u been in L.a for, and stuff like that but then he had to go back and finish the interview of and he said again " was really nice meeting you dannielle".and i was just thinking omg zac efron knows my name ahhhh . but then after his interview was finished and he had to leave he waved goodbye to me and he winked at me . and he also waved by to my sister who sitting next to portia (ellens wife)behind the cameras with my mum to.

then for the whole rest of the show i could not stop thinking about it!!!! i was going over every detail in my head and i couldnt believe how good looking and nice he was in real life. plus he has the most bluest eyes i have ever seen and he was just a really nice guy.i will never forget when i met him.

it seems legit enough. and it makes sense they edited that hug part in to the end actually... so i guess this is her sister:

And because the world can never have enough zac hugging people gifs:

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