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LOL oh Entourage


THR: Jeremy, you often poke fun at people in the industry on "Entourage." Has anyone ever hassled you afterward?

Piven: I was at a basketball game recently and Zac Efron came over to me and said that he's possibly going to do the show. What I do now is I apologize to people before they see the episode so they know that I don't indeed write it. Because in this one episode (next season) I say to my gay assistant Lloyd, "I want you to focus on this as if it's Zac Efron's ball sack." So I said that to Zac in front of his girlfriend to let them know I'm only saying what's written and to please not be mad at me. Sometimes I'll see someone and they'll snub me and I'll go, "Oh my God! That's right!"

To go with that tidbit, someone twittered this pic of Zac's bit from the promo last night:

LOL do not ask me why, but I see his hair and keep thinking of the swoopy multi-colored sandstone formations in Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs. Maybe it's the way the light hits the highlights, idk idk.
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