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Zac and Media Saturation by Jeezbee

jeezbee posted this in comments on the last post, but I thought I'd post it separately to keep the comments more organized and because I'm really bored and wanted to make a new post. And hey, I even threw in some pretty things to look at, in case words are hard for you today, lol.

Since there is no news I thought I put something up for discussion I've been thinking about recently (I hope you don't mind C).

When one of the movie sites I'm reading (HitFix) recently reported on the MMA they commented that Zac is the second-most overexposed actor right now and recommended that it would be good for him to disappear for good 6 months:

"Poor Robert Pattinson can't escape the public eye, but Zac Efron may need to try and step out of it for a good six months. From "HSM3" to the Oscar show to hosting "Saturday Night Live" to promoting "17 Again," Efron is close to a publicity saturation level. The last thing he needed was to appear as much on the MTV Movie Awards as he did on Sunday night. Without a break, he might be throwing back drinks with the Jonas Brothers remembering "the good ol' days" sooner than he thinks."

When the news about Zac guesting on Entourage came out and he walked the red carpet on The Hangover premiere just right after, they kept making similar comments (although not that strongly). I should note that this is a respectable site and the movie editors are established online journalists who might not have the ultimate wisdom but certainly some insight into this industry.

Personally, I do not agree on all fronts but I do see their point.

I think that Entourage is a good thing - it's only one episode with probably 3 minutes screentime and he's not going to do lots of promotion for it if at all. The good (exposure to adult and male viewers) by far outweighs the bad.

I do however agree that Zac has had tons of exposure in the last 6-9 months and it would be indeed good if he minimizes his public appearances and interviews for a while. He can't escape it 100%, he still gets caught by the paps every once in a while, even though he got pretty good hiding, and the media is making up stories if there isn't any news - all the more he should try to avoid the publicity where he's in control imo. I'm all for him attending premieres if he wants to but I think it would be better to not walk the carpet and not take pictures at the after-party for that matter. Of course that would suck for us but I believe it would be better for him.

Also, here's an added thesis:

I think there is a good probability that Twilight and Rpattz will get some increasing overexposure leading up to their release in November and might experience serious backlash. When I started to become a Zac fan in spring 2007, I wasn't that much involved during summer 2007 to be able to remember all the publicity effects back then but I always felt that the backlash against Zac peaked during that summer when HSM2 and Hairspray came out. After HSM people might have been mainly suspicious and slightly annoyed but with all PR overkill during summer 2007 and the two movies coming out it turned into the hate we know. I think we could have a similar situation with Twilight here - the people outside the fanbase are getting more and more annoyed with the fandom and omnipresence of Rpattz already and if Summit parades them around for the next movie as they have for the last, we might see a similar change (if not with New Moon, there is another "chance" with the 3rd installment).

If that happens depends on 3 factors in my opinion: a) how much publicity the actors will have, b) how Rpattz acting is (perceived) and c) if the movie is actually any "good" in the eyes of non-fangirls. Personally, I think the biggest factor will be if the film is accepted by the fanboys - there is a chance of this happening since it does feature some action, vampires and werewolfs but on the other hand, we all know that Twilight isn't really about vampires, it's a teen romance where vampires are the means to an end - as to the fact that they are used to give that harlequin-level "romance" more devotion, eternity, blablabla.

To me, Twilight is the wish-fulfillment of love, romance and a relationship for teengirls who have a totally unrealistic view on reality in that respect, just like HSM was the wish-fulfillment of high school reality for little girls. (I hope I don't offend anyone with this statement - of course everyone can still enjoy each one for what it is but it has nothing to do with reality in either case imo). So, the big question to me is if there is enough non-romance in this movie to please the guys. In case the movie annoys the shit out of the guys, I think it depends on Rpattz performance how much the hate gets targeted towards him or the franchise only, although he'll certainly get some of the crap even if he does well.

Coming back to Zac: if he lays low while the Twilight craziness is in full steam, he might be able to benefit from this. Basically, Zac will give them little reason to be annoyed while Rpattz will cause increasing nausea amongst the general public due to the overexposure (and all those tabloid covers will do add to that). Once Zac "comes back" after a while, he might be the lesser of two evils.

Having said that, I've left potential promotion for M&OW in October out of that scenario although I don't expect the distributor (however that will be) to have that much P&A money anyway so the promotional level will be not that big imo.

Your turn. :)

EHS' opinion.

I agree that Zac is at saturation. But I don't think that the MTVMA appearance was too much. But maybe that is because, especially in comparison to Twilight, he was just a little part.

Also the saturation is dissipating substantially already. People on the imdb boards always panic (or rejoice, I'm not sure, lol) and say "OMG ZAC'S BOARD IS SO BORING, HE IS SO OVER" just because his imdb board dies down. It is inevitable. His imdb starmeter rank will fall. He will probably sink to under 100 pretty soon. I don't mind, because a lot of successful actors live under 100 most of the time, unless they are promoting. Likewise, his ranking will rise once he's out promoting again. Honestly, it would take him another huge franchise or a series of successful movies propelling him to Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt levels of fame before he can permanently live in the above 50 range.

I kind of agree that if he appears at too many premieres it will be weird so hopefully that is kept to a minimum, at least the picture part of it. He will probably have to put in an appearance at the TCAs. Do we think he'll be nominated for 17 Again or HSM3? Or, lol, even both? Entourage will be a good appearance for the late summer, since it probably won't air till late August or even September. And like jeezbee said, it is a good demo to hit. If he does promote MAOW in October, that will also keep him on the periphery. I would suggest though that he record more spots in Robot Chicken. I think Robot Chicken is an excellent way to keep involved without being overly visible and it will help him make inroads in a demo that mostly still dismisses him.

Long and short, he doesn't have to be at the center of everything, it isn't expected nor is it typical. And I doubt he wants it. But, although some people have object permanence issues, I think these appearances will be just enough to keep him in mind for most people.

My only hope/desire/wish is that he looks really, really good for any appearance he does make. I mean, you know me, I like him pretty much no matter how awful his hair looks or honestly, even how much makeup is caked on him, but other people aren't like me. They need people to look really fucking hot or they get all meh and bitchy about them. So for the few red carpets he attends the rest of the year, I hope he will pull a super awesome look together.

I've thought it for awhile, but I think that what Zac said about taking some time off was really his way of spinning this low-profile period in his favor... just in case some Negative Nancy wants to be like 'Zac isn't doing anything, his career is over, he's a nobody, he's a failure.' Which is not true, obviously. But when he's been at top of mind as teen heartthrob for some time, it could feel like that, especially with Rob/Twilight out there. So, keeping it in his control, he kind of prepped people for his absence a bit with what he said.

And, speaking of Twilight, I won't talk about it other than, seriously I'm already sensing media supersaturation with that property... but that could just be me and my gag reflex that acts up everytime an ontd twatlight post appears.

Anyway... I think time away will help him too, in many, many ways... far more than the ways it will hurt him.
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