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Apr 28th
10:02 pm
Another pic...  
Firstly though, apparently there was a test screening of Seventeen Again recently. Two short reviews have popped up on the internet, including mention of Zac Efron:

"I just got to watch this movie in a pre-screening and it was GREAT. Though the storyline and plot are nothing new...it was very entertaining, very romantic (well-done romantic, not corney at all), VERY FUNNY, and very well-casted. Zac Efron did a fantastic job as a believable 17 year old with a lot of uncommon maturity. The storyline between Ned and the principal is HILARIOUS. I HIGHLY recommend this movie." - from comingsoon.net comments

"i thought it was gonna be stupid but...hey i got a pass for a free screening..idk about you but i dont pass up free movies :]! And to my surprise it was actually pretty freakin funny. Ive seen big and 13 going on 30 but its a totally different take on it...(still as predictable) but ya know! It was good..if you wanna just see a nice and funny movie." - from imdb boards

The picture. Everyone keeps saying this is from the set, but I'm doubtful. I think it's somewhere else, like the hotel or a restaurant (that is my guess judging on the bankcard logos in the door window).


It's funny cause I think this is the most Cameron-like he's looked in a long time. Cutie!

Review source (indirectly via zefron)
Pic Source
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