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More from Jeremy Piven on Zefron's Entourage turn

From E! Online:

Sure, everyone hearts Zac Efron. What's not to love? He's cute, charming, talented and he actually seems, dare we say...humble?

And Jeremy Piven seems to think so too. E! News caught up with Entourage's most A-type star, Ari Gold, at the premiere of The Hangover and here's what he has to say about Zac's upcoming guest spot...

"He actually is a total sweetheart, and he was awesome, and now he’s going to become a client of Ari Gold," Jeremy told E!

An exact airdate hasn't been confirmed yet for his guest role, but Jeremy said, "It will be in kind of the middle. But it’ll be nice. It’ll be a step up in a major way. He comes on as himself, like David Schwimmer does. A lot of people come on as themselves and they are very self-deprecating and taking one for the team. And they don’t look great in it. And they’ve been amazing. People have been incredible. It’s been an amazing year."
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