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Rock of Ages... hmmm....

Rumors of Zac and Jake Gyllenhaal vying for the lead in the WB's adaptation of Rock of Ages are swirling.

From New York Daily News:

If you've ever fantasized about Jake Gyllenhaal rocking out to Whitesnake while swinging his mullet, you may just get your wish. A source tells us the "Brokeback Mountain" star is neck and neck with Zac Efron to play the lead in the big-screen version of Broadway's "Rock of Ages."

New York mag and have reiterated the rumor.

You know, I love Zac in musicals. But I dunno about this one.

I sort of think Constantine (or maybe Adam Lambert) should do it.

ETA: Who rocks the hair better?

not my best photoshop but i'm really lazy today and now i am starving.
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