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MTV Movie Awards 2009 - Picture Post

Many, many pics, some HQ, some not... but enjoy!

Red Carpet


Press Room

Presenting to Ben Stiller

Backstage and Misc.

From's Best and Worst Moments:

From Ken Tucker's Watching TV:

Also, good for Zac Efron, who won the award Bruno was presenting, for knowing there was nothing he could do but be upstaged by the Bruno-Eminem spectacle. His "that was the coolest way I've ever been introduced" remark hit just the right, modest note.

From The New York Observer:

A Tale of Two ‘Tween Heartthrobs: Robert Pattinson & Zac Efron!

Obviously, for girls of all ages, a large part of Robert Pattinson’s appeal is his brooding nature. But while receiving his many awards—Best Kiss, Best Breakthrough Male and perhaps even Best Hairline, though we can’t be sure—the Twilight star came off like a supreme jackass: aloof, humorless and utterly devoid of charm; he’s one-note. Contrast that with Zac Efron, who gave a very genuine and heartfelt speech while accepting his award for Best Male Performance, and, later, killed as part of a hilarious tribute to Ben Stiller that also featured Kiefer Sutherland and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Mr. Efron is hella talented and he can dance. We’d like to see Robert Pattinson do that!

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