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MTV Movie Awards 2009 - Post-Show Post


But JHC could there have been a more awkward way to win?

A couple of things, one my scrapbook died midway through the last post. I just need to have a moment to say how amazing my scrapbook has been. And how sucky that it's limit is two gigs.

But no worries, I just made a second lj to store pics. W/E :D

Also I probably won't add any new HQ pics to this post tonight but will do a separate 'my fav hqs' tomorrow morning.

If the videos turn up on YT asap, I'll make a new post for that. But here is what we have so far:

A few HQs

First two, click for super HQs (thanks to bond_girl

More from JJCollapse )

Video from the red carpetCollapse )

From MTV's Live BlogCollapse )

From Marc Malkin's Twitter:

And now I am going to sit back and enjoy the replay on MTV.

ETA: I forgot to include this from USA Today:

Zac Efron, on the other hand, will be taking some time off this summer.

"I'm remembering what life is like without red carpets again," he said. "I feel like my head is back on straight, because it was off for a minute."
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