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Zac getting one-on-one dance lessons

According to a new TV Guide article, Disney and Kenny Ortega hired dancer Zack Wilson to help Zac Efron bring his HSM3 dance moves up to speed in under half the rehearsal time his costars have had. This isn't terribly surprising since we knew Zac's rehearsal time was limited and he's always said he isn't a great dancer (how much of that is modesty, who knows). But it's nice to have a little update on what's up in SLC and hear Zack praise Zef's work ethic.

"Zack Wilson, one of the winners of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann and the former fiancé of Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough, was brought in because Efron has been tied up with filming Me and Orson Welles for the last month, which coincided with the first three and a half weeks of HSM3 rehearsals. That meant the Efron, arriving in Salt Lake City this week, had to catch up fast to learn the complicated dance routines. 'A lot of the dancers they use for HSM come from the studio (Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Provo, Utah) where I grew up studying dance,' says Wilson. 'So Kenny Ortega contacted the director of the studio and asked if he knew anyone who was a quick learner who could learn a bunch of choreography and then possibly teach it [to Zac Efron]. And the director referred him to me...'

"Wilson says that working with Ortega and Efron has been a dream. 'Zac works very hard,' says Wilson, 26. 'It might take him longer to get the dance steps than somebody who is trained, of course, but he looks great. And some of the dance steps in this movie are a little bit harder than in the previous two.'

"Wilson apparently did his job so well that he'll be dancing on screen, as well. 'I'll be in a few dance numbers in the movie,' he says, now booked through June to work on the movie with Ortega, a legendary choreographer and one of the people who inspired him to become a dancer."

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