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A news roundup full of LOLs!

First off, since Julie Andrews is out there promoting her book, I feel compelled to mention that my secret desire for HSM3 would be to have her cameo as Troy's grandma. (sigh)

LOL 1: I kid you not, someone named Haven Nutt crushes on Zac - 04.16.08


This is Haven Nutt, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt’s daughter. When you post something like this, you have to remind people that when you post something on the internet, or in any digital medium, really, it’s public and out there, even if it’s you drunk on camera (again) talking about your fondness for the drinks at gay bars, or doing the Needham Hex, or Most Definitely Not Looking Gay In Public At All. If you don’t want it out there, don’t put it up.

With that said, it’s a totally innocuous and funny crush-vid made by a teenage girl about Zac Efron, and aside from some intentionally atrocious lyrics, it’s a sign that Houston Nutt is doing everything right as a parent, and that Haven really, really likes Zac Efron. She likes Zac Efron, and would like him to take his shirt off before she rots.

And word for word, we feel the exact same way about
Zac Efron
I mean, Beyonce Knowles. Make her happy, Jay, you filthy rich bastard! (HT: Friends of the Program.)

Please also take a look at the article's comments... they are, as usual, hilarious too.


LOL 2: Just say no... to ink that is - 04.16.08

No Ink For Zac Efron: Mom Puts Her Foot Down
By Tina Sims
Apr 16, 2008

Is Vanessa Hudgens really Zac Efron's number one lady? She might be close but for Zac Efron it appears that the number one sweetie for the High School Musical hunk is mom and according to a report from the National Enquirer he was all set to show his love for his number one gal with some permanent ink.

But mom said no. And she really, really meant it. According to the magazine Zac Efron thought his mother Starla would be flattered when he told her he was getting a tattoo on his right arm that said "Mom" but he couldn’t have been more wrong!

The 20-year-old HSM star was in Europe recently shooting his new film, “Me and Orson Welles,” when he called his mom at her home in Arroyo Grande, Calif., a set insider told The Enquirer. That’s when he gave her the news that he was about to immortalize her in ink. “Zac got bored while shooting on the isle of Man and decided to get a tattoo,” the source told The Enquirer. “Zac called Starla while he was on the way to the tattoo parlor and told her what he was doing - and she flipped out!”

Starla absolutely forbid him to get the tattoo according to the source. “And she said if he did, she’d personally break his head. You go mom. The young actor reminded Starla “he’s a big boy now and can make his own decisions,” added the source. But the report claims that Starla didn’t want to hear it. “She told him, ‘I don’t care how old you are, I’m still you mother. And I hate tattoos!’”

The magazine claims that Zac turned around and went back to his hotel - without getting inked.


LOL 3: Lauren Conrad crushes on Zac - 04.11.08

The Hills are alive with the sound of... High School Musical?

At least it is according to reality star Lauren Conrad! "High School Musical's pretty random, right?" she tells OK!. "I love that."

Lauren, 22, also happens to love HSM star, and younger man, Zac Efron, 20. "He's my crush right now," she says. We're pretty sure Zac's girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, would have something to say about that!

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