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A lot more 17 Again Media

E! News: Ben Lyons and Zac on style trends (he addresses the beanie) and a bit with Michelle

Ugh. I can't get the embed to work right so click here for the video. Lame.

E! News: Longer version of Kristina Guerrero Interview


MSN London Junket Video


HitFix: On dropping Footloose

HitFix: Tom and Zac

Mannie the Movie Guy: Tom and Zac

San Diego 6: Zac and Tom

Fandango with Zac, Tom, Leslie and Matthew (lol at them posing the same at the beginning

Hit Fix: Matthew and Leslie

Mannie the Movie Guy: Matthew and Leslie

Heart Radio Interview (UK)

Key Radio Interview (UK)

Random quotes from LA junket

Marc Malkin on 17 Again

(I have no idea if these will work cause they aren't working on the mtv site but w/e):

Jedi Master:

On Leo:

Michelle on Zac:

Also has a bunch of 17 Again interviews up. They don't embed and they are a bitch about yt so you'll have to click here to watch. It is so annoying when they don't allow embeds or yt.
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