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Last of Premiere Stuff: Premiere Videos and After-Party info

^for those that don't know... that would be Jennifer Gibgot (Adam's sister), Alan Horn (President of Warner Bros. Entertainment), Zac, Adam Shankman, Jeff Robinov (President of WB Pictures) and Toby Emmerich (President of New Line)

I think you know their names:

Bop/Tiger Beat report on Premiere After Party from ff

Phew! Last night was a blast covering the 17 Again premiere! Everyone was there and I got to say hi to so many people! The JONAS BROTHERS, VANESSA HUDGENS, STERLING KNIGHT, TIFFANY THORNTON, MITCHEL MUSSO, AMANDA BYNES, KEKE PALMER and a ton of other celebs were there to celebrate the release of ZAC EFRON’S new movie!

Zac looked so good in his tux and he couldn’t stop smiling as he posed for pictures and answered questions. I think he was extra excited because his HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL costars CORBIN BLEU, OLESYA RULIN and MONIQUE COLEMAN were all there to support their friend’s big night. The Jonas Brothers even came out to support their Disney buddy! How sweet is that? Oh yeah, and I blushed soooo hard when Zac came up to talk to me! He is even better looking in person. I hadn’t seen him in a while since he’s been so busy and he looked good!

Then, I got to go to the 17 Again after party! It was so cool. It was at Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood. Zac and Vanessa plunked themselves on a lane and hung out all night as people came up to congratulate Zac. V seemed really proud of him. Aly and AJ looked gorgeous. They were walking around the party all night and meeting new stars — like Leslie Mann, who plays Zac’s mom in the movie. They also hung out with Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman. I bumped into Amanda Bynes, who is really tall! KeKe Palmer was there. Oh, and Sterling Knight was there with his friend. Sterling was just playing it pretty low-key, just hanging out and watching everyone. They served yummy food — hamburgers, french fries, onion rings and a do-it-yourself sundae bar! I had so much fun.

Premiere Videos

E! News: Red Carpet Moment (Burr talks about Z's appendicitis

Access Hollywood

Entertainment Tonight

Maximo TV

E! News: Zac's Proposal and No Twitter

MTV (not working at the moment)

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