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Feb 24th
10:41 am
Zac Efron beseiged by youngsters on the Isle of Man  
According to an eyewitness report, Zac was overwhelmed by hundreds of screaming youth whilst at a cafe on the Isle of Man and had to be rescued by a police van. Oh noes!

The Manx teens and tweens are also surrounding the hotel he is staying at, the Sefton. However, they won't have much luck spotting Zac unless he goes out for fun, which he might be rethinking after his experience at the cafe.

The Sefton was apparently chosen as lodging because it is right next door to the Gaiety Theatre (where they are filming Me and Orson Welles) so Zac can actually go through a connected cellar to get to work, safely avoiding the hysteria.

Cookies and a hug to anyone on the Isle of Man who actually gets a pic of Zac... we're totally going through zefron withdrawl.

I thought you all would appreciate this post from the message board where these reports were made (clearly they don't visit ontd):

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