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Zac's feet don't get sucked on the iTunes version of SNL :(

Something is afoot at Saturday Night Live, but, despite the conspiracy theorists, we're pretty sure it isn't because Zac Efron's toes are too hot for television.

The 17 Again star's hosting stint last weekend concluded with a skit involving him getting a sensual foot massage. The clip, however, is not available for viewing on or and has been eliminated from the for-purchase run-through of the show on iTunes.

SNL player Jason Sudeikis stars in the segment as Efron's older brother, to whom Mr. HSM goes for romantic advice. Sudeikis' character recommends a foot massage and proceeds to show him how it's done...complete with a little toe suckage.

Some are suggesting that the sketch may have been pulled because people opposed the footloose fetishism that could be implied by those with dirty minds. However, a source close to SNL tells E! News the reason the clip is MIA is because of music licensing issues and not some sort of Efron image maintenance. The skit features the songs "Monkey Wrench" by the Foo Fighters and "Always and Forever" by Luther Vandross.

A source close to the star concurs that the omission has nothing to do with NBC being in hot water and "is not a big deal."

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