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Is HSM wholesome?

This article sort of makes me LOL:

Is wholesomeness only skin deep?

I don't think I've addressed the Vanessa photo thing before. Basically I hate that anytime anyone brings it up they attach Zac's name to it. Clearly, since I'm not Z's bff, I don't know the whole story, but my position is that Z's certainly not the kind of guy to leak the photos and further V sent them when she was younger and so Z was not the intended recipient.

The part of the story that bothers me is that Disney could have said, you can't publish them she's underage... but they made a concerted decision that it was better (at least for them) if it seemed V posed at 18 than her posing at 15/16. Perhaps this was good business-wise but emotionally for V (and/or Z), I'm not so sure.

At least this article qualifies that Zac's role in the debacle is unclear.

The following are their thoughts on HSM:

High School Musical

The Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical (HSM), and its sequel, High School Musical 2 (HSM 2), are everywhere...

Kids may find these movies fun and “relevant.” But parents should be aware of several questionable elements. In HSM and HSM 2, the teen romance between Troy and Gabriella progresses with the second movie ending in a lip-lock. There are also questionable elements concerning teen dating and drama.

Girls wear low-cut dresses, blouses and short skirts. Guys are without shirts and in the locker room wearing only towels, and Troy can’t seem to keep his boxers from showing. In HSM 2, skin is in – both guys and girls wear swimsuits and other revealing summer attire.

Some of the dancing is slightly suggestive as are the playful song lyrics such as “I’ll grasp your tail, then stroke each tender gill,” or “Please make a man of my fresh fish prince.”

Evolution and yoga are also mentioned. Expressions such as “shut up,” “butt,” “heck,” “gosh,” and “golly” are frequently used.

Yes, I am surprised the Disney suits don't make Z pull his pants up higher. I personally prefer him in only boxers/swim trunks so I don't mind (except that it makes him look just slightly ridiculous).

I do also think the Humuhumu lyrics are slightly suggestive but if your young kid can catch the stroking euphemism, you aren't doing your parental duties in the first place. Kids are usually blissfully oblivious about those kind of references. When they start picking up on it is actually probably the point that maybe you should start talking to them about sex instead of hiding it or ignoring it shamefully.

I understand parents don't want kids to say fuck, cunt or shit. I even get shut up or butt for young kids. But seriously? Gosh or golly? What is this the 19th century?

Anyway, it was a good laugh. I wonder what they think of Enchanted?
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