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Double your pleasure, double the fun?

According to Page Six:

April 8, 2008 -- THAT "Factory Boys," the New York magazine article about Warhol-ite twins Richard and Robert Dupont, is being made into a movie to be directed by Steven Klein. The twins want Zac Efron to play them . . .

This is the article to which they refer...

While I think he'd be capable, I'm not sure Zac would want to do it because he has said he doesn't want to alienate younger fans by taking risque roles just to prove something or break away from Disney. He wants to do good roles that are interesting and challenging. So depending on where this story went, maybe? 'Factory Girl' sure sucked, so this film would have to be much better to be worth his time and to be honest, the article isn't really that great.

Eh, I don't know. What I do know is I am tired of waiting for Z to come back Stateside. I sure hope he has an HSM choreographer with him to work on the dance rehearsals since he isn't in Utah yet and filming starts in about two weeks, eek!
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