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FoD - Zacaroni and Cheese

ETA from People:

Even though Efron was the star, he didn't act like a big shot, adds Shankman. "[Zac] was blown away that we could put it together and he was really, deeply grateful. If you want to know what kind of people Zac and Vanessa [Hudgens] are ... I turned around and Vanessa was taking out the garbage and Zac was doing the dishes. They have no entitlement issues, it's all for one and one for all. Nothing is taken for granted."

What inspired Shankman to make the video? "The media forces us to take our lives so serious but we know we're not curing cancer so we might as well make people laugh, we're entertainers," he explains. "It's cool because everyone knows we're not getting paid, so there are no egos."

ETA2 from

"To Efron's credit, he's a likable straight man in the clip. But then, we're thinking the kid's had some experience playing "embarrassed" lately (see: Interview mag photo shoot, and you know, that whole High School Musical thing)."

Disagree with the Interview mag part, that shit is hot man. HSM is neither here nor there, lol.

BTS Video (mostly of the dj):

Nicole Richie on FoD from US Weekly:

"Hey guys, check out this Funny or Die video with Zac Efron. It's hysterical! They were able to get some really great cameos... Vanessa Hudgens, Queen Latifah, and since Kate Winslet was busy, they called me ;)," the pregnant star blogs.

Richie also gushes about Efron.

"On a serious note, I had a fun time. It was my first time meeting Zac and he is every bit the gentlemen, far beyond his years," she says.
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