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Funny or Die - BTS Info

New info on the Zac Efron Funny or Die video posted by Jake on the FOD blog:

We've got a video coming out on Wednesday that stars Zac Efron, Tom Lennon, and just about everyone else you've ever seen on TV. It was insane. Adam Shankman (who did Prop 8 the musical and produced the upcoming 17 again) wanted to make a video, so he called all of his friends over for a pool party, and for a while it was more like we were shooting for some crazy VH1 celeb-reality show than a Funny Or Die Sketch.

I mean, Lance Bass was there, for Chr*stSake, and he was funny. How random is that?

Basically Tom Lennon plays Zac's embarrassing Uncle Hank crashing a Hollywood Pool party. If the internet could handle a 30 minute sketch, we would have done it because Lennon (with Nicole Sullivan playing his girlfriend) improv-ed the shit out of it and there's about 25 minutes of pure hilarity that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Vanessa Hudgens was there with Zac and hopped in the video as's a picture of our audio engineer spearing a Schitzu that was trying to attack her.

Now, I know what you're thinking...okay, we've got some faces in there, but it's not too crazy. Oh really? Well what if I told you that Queen Latifah DJ'd the music, Carmen Electra was a background extra, and Justin Long died in the pool? BECAUSE IT HAPPENED! And boom, here's a pic of Nicol Ritchie being spooned by beau Joel Madden. Official reality show/tabloid magazine shit.

We here at Funny Or Die are actually kind of dumbfounded on how this happened. Two years ago, when we launched, no one had heard of us, and now we have a full Sunday afternoon's worth of cable programming showing up to be in our videos. It's like in 8th grade we were the dorky kid who wore T-Shirts in the pool, and over the summer we somehow transformed into a taller, good looking freshman who likes really good music and now everyone wants to give us HJs. We don't know how to deal with it! But we kinda like the HJs.

Check out Funny Or Die on Wednesday to see the video and check out who else showed up. Yes, there's even more faces than the ones listed above.

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