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Scans from Movie Star Mag, misc 17 Again stuff

Okay I forgot a few things earlier, lol.

Scans from Movie Star Magazine (Japan):



Also you can test yourself to see what age you are here. LOL. I am 17. hmm.

And People is asking for fans to submit questions for Zac. Click here to do so. I'd ask him if he wants to play Kira in Death Note. lol.

Fandango has started presales on tickets for a few theaters. No midnight showings Thursday night which honestly isn't that surprising. We should get an idea of theater count soon which might tell us a little about what kind of business New Line expects this to do.

And on Facebook apparently you can join the 17 Again group, or become a fan or w/e. And they posted this message:

"Stay in the know! Get the latest news, updates, and alerts through the OFFICIAL 17 AGAIN MOBILE PROGRAM - TEXT 17 to 58671 NOW."
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