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Corbin on growing up, and even more on Funny or Die

Corbin Bleu on Zac Efron: 'We can't be teenagers forever'

Corbin Bleu hopes to "shake off some of that nice-guy, wholesome image" he acquired while costarring in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. And he may be on his way: He's set to star with Mischa Barton and Elle Macpherson in The Beautiful Life, a CW drama pilot about the fashion industry. "I play a male model. I get to sing and pose," says Bleu to EW. "There will be some risqué stuff."

Hey, he's only following HSM3 costar Zac Efron's lead. To help promote his upcoming comedy 17 Again, Efron rolled in the mud with a naked gal for the latest issue of Interview. Bleu hasn't seen the photos, but he understands the motivation. "We can't be the teenagers we were in High School Musical forever, as much as parents wanted us to. Zac is serious about taking his career to the next level," says Bleu. "They sound like hot -- I mean arty -- pictures, so good for him."

Zac Efron Makes a Funny With His Famous Friends

Just call it Zac Efron & Friends.

Zac was in director-producer Adam Shankman's backyard the other day in Los Angeles, shooting a video for

Who did the guys enlist to help them out?

Shankman, a producer of the Efron's 17 Again and director of Hairspray, codirected the bit that features Vanessa Hudgens, Queen Latifah, Lance Bass, Carmen Electra, Lance Bass, Brody Jenner, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie and former MADtv crackup Nicole Sullivan.

Details are under wraps, but I've been told the video is tied to 17 Again. Sullivan, who is pregnant in real-life, plays a "white trash girl" and a Rolls Royce that Latifah drives in the video actually belongs to Shankman, according to a source.

And some more papz shots from the filming:


Some driving shots from the night of the Gucci party:

more at the source
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