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Zac at ShoWest 2009 Awards Show

Zac was honored at ShoWest with the 2009 Breakthrough Performer of the Year:

From USA Today:

For Zac Efron, ShoWest's breakthrough performer of the year, the only injury to worry about is at the box office.

"I really wanted to come here and meet the people who run the theaters," says Efron, who next stars in the comedy 17 Again, opening April 17. "These are the people who really help decide how successful your career is."

Zac also talked to EW about Footloose some more (nothing really new though they say it is an exclusive lol):

In about as polite a manner as he could muster, teenage heartthrob Zac Efron confessed to why he said no to the Footloose remake: He didn't want to be type-cast as the musical guy. In Las Vegas to receive the Showest Breakthrough Performer of the Year award, Efron confirmed what many in the industry had speculated. "I'm sure Footloose would have been a huge challenge," Efron said, "but the actors that I love and the actors that work really hard in this industry are always shaking things up, trying new genres, acquiring new skill sets. That's what's always going to appeal to me: the unknown." So Efron's trading in those dancing shoes for a shovel in The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud at Universal. Reuniting with 17 Again director Burr Stears, Efron will play a young man who takes a job as a cemetery caretaker where his younger brother has recently been buried. He has weekly meetings with his deceased sibling and begins a romantic relationship with a young woman believed to be missing in a sailing accident. He's not sure if she is real or an apparition.

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