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Zac Efron, Shirtless for Funny or Die

Which we all knew from Twitter, but w/e. Thanks to the NY Post, we now have a better pic to drool over:

And their commentary is amusing me too:

The sun was shining, the Earth continued rotating and it was a day that ended in "Y" so naturally Zac Efron felt like it was the perfect time to slip out of his constricting clothes and soak up some rays. If I looked like Zac, I would never wear clothes. But that's just me.

So while it's always enjoyable ogling the actor, the reason behind his shirtless antics was a little surprising. First off, he wasn't alone. Zac was joined by Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and Queen Latifah at a Hollywood mansion. Pool party, right? Fun! I'll bring the dip.

But it was actually a case of work, not play. Although for these people, even work is play. Yesterday, they were shooting a video for ... well, something. Throughout the piece, Zac is shirtless, so obviously we're all going to like it. Then Nicole and Joel were spotted faux-trespassing as Zac hid beneath them. Then Queen made her royal entrance, became enraged and sped off in her Rolls Royce.

Hmm, shirtless Zac being filmed in near a fancy car -- that's like the dream Ryan told me about this morning. Wonder if he's like Adam Sandler in "Bedtime Stories" and all his dreams come true?!? Ooh, just in case, someone might want to alert Hugh Jackman's security detail.


I should mention that earlier in the day yesterday before the Nicole twitter that alerted us to what was going down... there were some strange twitters which caught my eye and which I now realize relate to this skit thing.

Some guy said he was dj for Zac Efron's pool party... and I was like 'wut pool party?'

And some girl said one of her friends was filming a Zac Efron video today and needed extras... hot girl extras, to which I was like, 'eeek! sketch much? :/'.

But now it all makes sense!

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