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Zac on the Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

From E!Online:

See ya later, musicals.

That's Zac Efron's message to the world of song and dance.

Not only are there no more High School Musicals in his future, but he made international headlines last week when he pulled out of the Footloose remake.

"It doesn't mean no more musicals forever, but right now I had so much fun doing 17 Again that I think that's the direction I wanna head in," Efron told me at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

And it certainly sounds like he's taking another step in that direction with The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud...

It was just announced [note: do t that Efron has signed on to the movie adaptation of Ben Sherwood's novel of the same name about a cemetery caretaker who communicates with his dead younger brother. Efron admits the premise "sounds very grim," but promised, "It's a fantastic story."

"It's a little bit more grown-up," the 21-year-old Efron said. "It deals with some heavy material."



and for those who didn't see it in the comments yesterday:

lol @ ontd troll. hee hee.

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