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GMTV, Leaving London, and miscellaneous red carpet interviews

signing autographs after (or before?) gmtv:

leaving heathrow for home:



ITN - video won't embed




Efron said: “I can't believe that these girls show up to support these films and it's just a dream come true. I've got the best fans in the world. They show up, every movie, and they're excited.”

In 17 Again Zac plays a man given the chance to go back to his teenage years and change what happened. The heartthrob though revealed he wouldn’t change much about his formative years.

"I think that no matter how big a mistake I made in life, I still ended up here today. So, I'm pretty happy with the way everything turned out," he explained.

Asked why he’d pulled out of a Footloose remake earlier this week Efron said: "It's nothing against musicals, I hope I can be involved in musicals in the future. It's just, I'm looking for a new challenge right now."
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