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OMG! This sounds amazing!!!

Zac Efron ready for new 'Life'
Actor in talks for 'Charlie St. Cloud' adaptation

Zac Efron is negotiating to re-team with "17 Again" director Burr Steers on an adaptation of the novel "The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud."

The film will likely be the next for Efron, who just ankled Paramount's "Footloose" remake.

Former "Good Morning America" exec producer Ben Sherwood wrote the book, about a caretaker at a cemetery who manages to have weekly meetings with a younger brother whose accidental death he feels was his fault.

Marc Platt is producing, and while Efron's deal is still being negotiated, Steers is set and has already begun polishing a script originally written by Craig Pearce, with James Schamus and Lewis Colick also turning in drafts.

Production will begin in July. The Efron-Steers collaboration "17 Again" will be released by New Line/Warner Bros. on April 17.


ETA eye candy (also a SUBTLE HINT that this is EXACTLY what this Charlie character MUST LOOK LIKE!!!!):

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