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If you are bored...

Write an email to: with the subject: Superstar and message body: Zac Efron.

That bcaine dude is trying to find out who people would pay to see in a new movie. I think for most of us Zefron is a safe bet for somewhere between one and ten tickets per movie (not even counting the friends we drag along with us, lol).

In fact, I'd pretty much pay to hear him read the phone book. As someone on ontd once commented, even that would be awesome when in his voice. I'd make sure it was the Manhattan phone book though, so it would last as long as possible.

Side note: I must really be bored, I just spent over 15 minutes looking for what is the record for largest phone book ever and still didn't find it, but I'm pretty sure it would be Manhattan. It did lead me to this article which led me to this video:

Which I found amusing (even without zefron in it). Apparently the real mythbusters found that with tanks you could get them apart. Anyway, we digress.

Back on topic, bigger version of Elle pic (click for HQ scan):

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