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17 Again Updates + more not really new stills, lol

17 Again Promo Schedule:
Unknown date: Paul O'Grady Show (best guess 3/25)
March 21st: Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (possibly via phone or something, w/e)
March 23rd: Meet and Greet Signing (5:30pm @ Fnac-Châtelet, Paris)
March 24th: Paris premiere (8:30p @ Gaumont Opera)
March 25th: Graham Norton Show
March 26th: London premiere (@ Odeon West End Leicester Square)
March 28th: Nick KCAs
April 2nd: ShoWest Awards Gala thingee
April 11th: SNL (please have Hunter and JT as skit guests, please. please.)
April 14th: Los Angeles premiere (6pm @ Grauman's Chinese Theatre)
April 26th: Berlin premiere
April 27th: Madrid premiere

Online media expected (a lot of this coming from twitter):
Hot Hits - This one is actually up but only for AUS, any Aussie's who can rip and yt, please do :)
The Edge FM, NZ, April 7th at 7.45am
Seven Sunrise, AUS, date unknown
Nova 100, AUS, date unknown
Nova 969, AUS, date unknown
Hamish and Andy, AUS, date unknown
Supposedly zefron was to be on Kyle and Jackie O but I didn't hear him anytime, so I think that one like most of these are being held for airing closer to the movie release.

Official Soundtrack Listing, complete:
1. On My Own - Vincent Vincent And The Villains (link - won't embed)
2. Can't Say No - The Helio Sequence
3. L.E.S. Artistes - Santigold
4. Naïve - The Kooks
5. This Is Love - Toby Lightman (don't know what this is)
6. You Really Wake Up The Love In Me - The Duke Spirit
7. The Greatest - Cat Power
8. Rich Girls - The Virgins
9. This Is For Real (featured in trailer) - Motion City Soundtrack
10. Drop - Ying Yang Twins
11. Cherish - Kool And The Gang
12. Bust A Move - Young MC
13. Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

Playlist with everything but On My Own and This Is Love:

Greater Union Movie Blog
Avoir-Alire - lol at the google translation

Contests (still mostly found by Jeezbee, lol):

Something in the Netherlands???
No idea when this is but I'm guessing second half of April

New Zealand:
Creme magazine, private screening (no zac)

Paris Premiere Tixs:
Place de Cinema
nrj12 - meeting and premiere tix

London Premiere Tixs:
Get Lippy
The Sun
Sky Movies - Tickets and travel to the LA premiere

Icee - Win a private screening, no zef though :(
Skechers - trip to premiere
AT&T - trip to premiere
Edge Boston - Local Advanced Screening tickets
Urban Farming Auction (not contest) Premiere and Afterparty tickets
J14 prize packs (yeah w/e)

movie passes? not totally sure as i am relying on google translator
in cinemas, movie passes

Trailer #1
HD Trailer #2
Trailer in German with a couple of new shots
Trailer in French
French BTS

Most of you have probably seen these around the interwebs but I wanted to catch this blog up. I asked last time if I should post them in sevens to ontd. Most of you said no. I went ahead and posted about half of what we got that time, plus we've added about 20+ since then. So I'm posting the rest of what I posted to ontd here, then later tonight I'll post another 26ish to here and ontd and then some other day the rest.

^yes, that is margaret cho. she's the sex ed teacher. lol.

^jeAloUsZ, like, totally.

^you look like clay aiken.

so so emo... lol.


Oh and a cute story.
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