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LOL... People Mag's Caught in the Act

According to People magazine:

Resident dreamboat Zac Efron, pumping iron at an Equinox gym in New York's West Village. "He's so cute!" an eyewitness tells us (thanks for the tip). Efron listened to music on his iPod and kept to himself as he lifted weights.

The article is accompanied by a file pic of Zac working out in LA in October, so it's hard to tell if this is fact or fiction, at least in regards to his whereabouts... there is no doubt he's a dreamboat.

Did Zac really sneak into the US unobserved? That wouldn't surprise me but rumor has it filming for MAOW in New York was scrapped and we know most of the HSM cast is already in SLC for rehearsals, so unless they changed the MAOW filming plans again, I'm not convinced he's in NYC.
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