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Melbourne Premiere LQs + Articles

First two needed in HQ ASAP! EYES!

Herald Sun Video:

Excerpts from Herald Sun Article:

Efron has been staying at Crown Casino since the weekend and has been to a basketball match and played poker with band members from rock band Kings of Leon...

"Melbourne is a beautiful place, it is so easygoing."

Efron has been getting into the swing of things in Melbourne.

"Every time I think to myself, 'I'm too busy, I've gotta live!' then I go hang out with my friends in college, and they're just as busy as I am.

"I'm enjoying everything about my life at this particular moment."

Excerpts from The Age:

17 Again is replete with references to Star Wars and required Efron to take part in a light-sabre duel, which he said he approached respectfully. Training for it was chiefly a matter of studying the films intensely.

"I was already a huge fan," Efron said. "I've always wanted to do a light-sabre fight, but what opportunity in life am I ever going to actually have to fight on screen with a light-sabre?"

And he is proud of his work.

"Don't mess with me when I have my light-sabre," he warns.

ETA, awesome Hamish and Andy interview (now with hq audio):

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