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Since I am awake...

having woken up from a very strange dream about walking to baseball games in tunnels and eventually blowing someone up (too much Zac on Heist for me clearly) when the dynamite attached to balloons failed to drift far enough away, I thought I'd post the first pics of Zef at Melbourne. Thanks to Holden (Less_Than_Perfect) @ fanforum for making my waking up worth it, lol:

^me likee, blue shirt to bring out his blue eyes a++++, hair not flat a++++...

Still needing his Euro look back though for maximum hotness, but apparently Melbourne would've imploded if he brought that level of hotness. This place was a madhouse Holden said, but that Zac:

"Did sign something for this girl we had let in up against the barrier. She had a sign saying it was her birthday, and Zac went straight to her and signed her book. Despite how crazy it was he insisted on signing it for her."


Okay I'm going back to sleep now. Hopefully instead of dynamite, I dream of Zac.
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