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Mar 26th
11:27 pm
Zac in Teen Now; Nominated for ASTRA award  
Scans of an interview from UK mag Teen Now.

A lot of it is rehash. Sometimes I wonder how many of these questions they change for the article after they word them differently when posed to him. I also wonder how many of his answers they twisted and how many questions they stole from other interviews (if you read it, there are quite a few that seem to come straight from Bop, et al.).

Also Zac was nominated for an ASTRA award for Favourite International Personality or Actor and HSM2 was nominated for Favourite International Program.

The ASTRA awards explained:

The prestigious ASTRA Awards applaud the talent and contribution from all the channels and platforms involved in subscription television in Australia. The winners will be recognised at a red carpet gala event to be held at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney on Monday, April 21.

From 2pm March 26 to midnight April 16, subscribers can vote for their favourite programs and presenters. The five public-voted categories are:

• Favourite International Program
• Favourite Program
• Favourite International Personality or Actor
• Favourite Male Personality
• Favourite Female Personality

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