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Dirty Grandpa

A few more pics from filming a week ago:

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They have a few more scenes to film — mostly beach and pool scenes plus a bit on a street and a few interiors. This is planned from 27 April to 6 May on Tybee Island, GA.

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

Zac's movie brother has been cast:
Adam DeVine has nabbed the coveted lead opposite Zac Efron in Fox's upcoming comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Jake Szymanski, an Adam McKay protege who hails from Funny or Die, is directing the comedy project that Chernin Entertainment is producing for Fox.

The project is based on the true story of Mike and Dave Stangle, brothers from Albany, N.Y., who attempted to find a wedding date for a cousin's nuptials by placing an ad on Craigslist.

The movie version sees the hard-partying and immature brothers posting an ad for dates and coming across a pair of honeys who can out-party and out-immature our slovenly heroes.

Fox also moved the release date up by a few weeks to July 8, 2016.

The Greatest Showman on Earth

Tracking Board posted another casting rumor for Zac:
Zac Efron is in talks to star opposite Hugh Jackman in 20th Century Fox’s THE GREATEST SHOWMAN ON EARTH. The original musical will tell the story of P.T. Barnum, a showman with a gift for hoaxing the public as he creates the three-ring circus that made him famous. The film serves as a musical rendition of the life of P.T. Barnum, who formed the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Jackman will star as Barnum.

Efron is in talks to star as Phillip, a handsome, rich young theatre producer who decides to become Barnum’s junior partner/apprentice and eventually becomes Barnum’s close friend and ringmaster. The role would require Efron to channel his Hairspray and High School Musical roots, as it requires signing and dancing

Michael Gracey will direct the musical biopic, with the screenplay’s most current draft having been written by Bill Condon, with a polish by Jonathan Tropper.

Production is slated to commence late this summer, in New York.

This is really a just rumor. Not only is the source not the most reliable (esp when it's casting of ongoing projects) but even if Zac would want to do it, scheduling is probably an issue with his other commitments.


Zac makes a brief appearance in Catfish this season. You can see him in the beginning of this video:

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From Variety:
Zac Efron to Star in Fox and Chernin Comedy ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’

Zac Efron is set to star in Fox and Chernin Entertainment’s “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.”

Jake Szymanski is on to direct with Peter Chernin, David Ready and Jenno Topping producing for Chernin along with Jonathan Levine. Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien penned the script.

Story follows two brothers who place an online ad to find dates for a wedding and the ad goes viral.

Daria Cercek is overseeing the project for Fox.

Chernin and the studio will now look to fill the role of Efron’s brother and is hopeful this film has similar results it saw when it teamed Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy up for “The Heat."

As of now the movie has a release date set for 29 July 2016.
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Nov 21st
06:10 pm
From TrackingBoard:
Zac Efron will star in Universal Pictures and Gary Sanchez Productions’ THREESOME. The adult comedy follows a high-powered businesswoman and her new temp who get drunk at a Christmas party, have a threesome, and both end up pregnant from the same man. Leah Rachel wrote the script, and Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are producing for Gary Sanchez.

This is pretty early in the process so who knows when it would start filming or even if it will work out at all... they don't even have a director yet as far as we know. As the source notes, Leah Rachel has sold several other scripts that haven't happened yet either, but the producers on this are decent so that's a plus. Also it is unclear how big his role is even. The old log line (2012) makes it sound smaller but it seems like it has possibly been rewritten:
After getting drunk a company holiday party, two completely opposite women have a threesome with a client, and both find themselves pregnant, forcing the women to sort out their relationships, careers and priorities.

I am also excited this seems to be a comedy with two large female roles, always nice to see... though how feminist it ends up being, who knows. I have so many dreams for the casting and director, lol. Anyway, glad to see another project on the table. Now just sitting here, waiting for Dirty Grandpa casting news, lol.
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Sep 4th
08:09 pm
From The Wrap:
Zac Efron and Robert De Niro are attached to star in “Driving Dick Kelly,” an adult comedy formerly known as “Dirty Grandpa” that Dan Mazer will direct for Bill Block‘s QED International, TheWrap has learned.

Barry Josephson is producing the project, which was previously set up at Universal and is now being shopped to other studios.

John Phillips wrote the script, which follows a lascivious, recently widowed Army veteran (De Niro) who tricks his uptight grandson (Efron) into escorting him to Florida for spring break.

Jeff Bridges and Michael Douglas were previously rumored to be up for the fun title role that will now be played by two-time Oscar winner De Niro.

...Mazer co-wrote “Borat” and “Bruno” with Sacha Baron Cohen, and he also served as an executive producer on “The Dictator.” He most recently wrote and directed the romantic comedy “I Give It a Year,” which starred Efron's “Neighbors” co-star Rose Byrne.

He has to be excited about working with De Niro... for reals this time, lol. This script has been around awhile and I think jeezbee and I even read parts of it awhile ago thinking it might work for Zac. It was a little meh but I assume there have been rewrites since then.
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Jun 6th
12:10 am
From The Wrap:
Zac Efron In Negotiations to Star in Max Joseph's Untitled DJ Project (Exclusive)

Working Title is producing the movie, which is set in the world of electronic dance music

Hot off the stunning success of “Neighbors,” Zac Efron is in negotiations to star in Max Joseph's untitled DJ project that will be produced by Working Title, multiple individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.

Written by Joseph and Meaghan Oppenheimer, the coming-of-age story follows a young DJ as he works on what he hopes is his first hit track.

Joseph is an up-and-coming filmmaker who co-hosts MTV's “Catfish” with Nev Schulman. The untitled DJ project will serve as his feature directorial debut following his award-winning “Follow the Frog” commercial and the acclaimed short documentary “12 Years of DFA Records.”

The director is currently auditioning hot young actors and actresses for the other lead roles, as shooting will begin this July in Los Angeles.

Working Title's untitled DJ movie won't be Joseph's first foray into the world of electronic music, as he previously directed the Aaron Weber-produced short documentary “12 Years of DFA Records: Too Old to be New, Too New to be Classic.” Released in 2013, “12 Years” recently screened at SXSW and received critical acclaim within both the film and music industries.

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May 14th
04:31 pm
From Latino-Review:
Here’s a BARE BONES post that is just split into facts and speculation.

“Neighbors,” an R-Rated Zac Efron/Seth Rogen comedy, beat the crap out of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” at the box office and the mega franchising gods at Walt Disney heard the other foot drop: “It’s time to Efron up.”

We can exclusively report that Zac Efron is being looked at for unspecified role in an upcoming Marvel Studios project. He was given a script for the project just recently and currently no one knows which part is actually in play. The only one that knows that answer is his Manager and he will not comment on it.

[Some speculation about which role it could be]... At this point, it’s all speculation. What’s not speculation is Marvel wants Efron, like everyone wants Efron, because “Neighbors” is hot.

Disney declined to comment.

I don't know a lot of the characters they mention in their speculation, but briefly reading up on them, the one that seems most interesting to me is Nova. But who knows? Wait and see :)
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Mar 31st
10:09 pm
Let me preface this news by saying, Tracking Board is considered infamously unreliable at this point. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but I wasn't even going to post this story unless a trade confirmed it. But since their post was unlocked and everyone is freaking out about it, I felt like putting this out there: please don't count chickens before they hatch. I can't deny though that it'd be nice if this, or something like this, was true. The hardest part of any non-filming/non-promo time, is the waiting around, knowing work must be happening but not seeing it. So it's always nice to hear something, lol.

From TB:
Zac Efron and his production company, Ninjas Runnin’ Wild are set to bring an adaptation of John Grisham’s novel THE ASSOCIATE to the big screen.

Efron will produce and star in the film as a brilliant lawyer fresh out of school who snags a job at the world’s biggest law firm, but a dark secret from his college days threatens to derail his career.

...‘Associate’ has been in development since 2008, and originally had Shia Lebeouf to star and Tony Scott to direct. The two left the project over budgetary issues back in 2009. Andrew Garfield and Adrian Lyne were next to take over the project, but both have since left.

The project will now be starting from scratch. The script written William Monahan, whose work includes “The Departed”, has since been scrapped, and new writers are currently being scouted for the project. The budget is estimated to be around $30 million.

In addition to Efron and Barrett, Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher produce from their Red Wagon Entertainment. Red Wagon, the company behind “Divergent” and “The Great Gatsby” is set up at Sony, while Ninjas has a deal with Warner Bros. With these two studios involved, as well as the ever-popular work of Grisham as source material, there are plenty of homes for this project once a writer comes aboard. Well, truthfully this package with Efron is most likely enough, but a solid writer can only help push this one toward production.

Other Grisham adaptations include “The Pelican Brief”, “A Time to Kill” and “The Firm”. Considering Efron’s fan base, there is a good chance that this one will look to cash in on the 18-24 demographic.

If a trade confirms the story, also keep in mind that it sounds like it'd be awhile till this would be close to filming. On the topic of the actual project, idk what to think. I haven't read the book yet. I do like some Grisham books and films, but not all. The Amazon reviews on this particular one seem meh but a good script can add a lot. So who knows. Wait and see, as always.
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Dec 10th
01:37 pm
From Deadline:
EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Wigutow, who is writing the Tron sequel for Disney, has just closed a deal with Universal Pictures to script the graphic novel Fire, a pet project of Zac Efron, who is attached to star. Fire, based on the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis and published by Icon Comics, is about a college student (Efron) who is recruited by the CIA only to find out he is being trained for a program that churns out expendable spies.

Efron and Bendis sold the project to Universal during Sundance three years ago with an eye for Efron to star from a script by Bendis. Wigutow previously worked on the Disney project Parallel and remake of The Crow and Lionsgate’s remake of The Osterman Weekend.

Fast & Furious 7 producing pro Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe are set to produce through Original Films with David Engel of Circle of Confusion. Efron and Jason Barrett will serve as executive prods.

Uni’s VP Production Anikah McLaren and creative executive Chloe Yellin are overseeing the project with Michael Simkin on behalf of Efron’s production company, Ninjas Runnin’ Wild Productions.
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May 22nd
01:56 am
From Deadline:
EXCLUSIVE: Zac Efron NarcFox has snapped up life rights for the true crime project Narc, based on the actual story of an All-American college kid-turned-police informant. Zac Efron is attached to star as a student, frat president, and lacrosse team captain who’s busted for drugs intended for a party, then secretly turns narc and helps the cops bust criminals while carrying on his campus life. Efron’s manager and producing partner Jason Barrett will exec produce with Underground-repped Doug Banker. They’ve got a very familiar friend in a high place in Fox exec Jason Young, who briefly departed the studio to help Efron establish Ninjas Runnin’ Wild in 2010 before returning as Fox’s VP of Production.

Narc joins a raft of Efron projects in the works which include Einstein Theory, Art Of The Steal, and the Snabba Cash remake, all set up at WB. As for Narc - described as a “college Donnie Brasco,” Fox is tapping a scribe from its writers program. Julie and Rick Yorn are producing for LBI and Matthew Reilly will co-produce.

Slightly longer description of the project from THR:
Narc, described as a college-set Donnie Brasco, centers on an all-American college student who was a big man on campus. He was the president of his fraternity and captain of his lacrosse team but got busted by local police when he was caught with some cocaine he was going to distribute at a party.

The police offered him a deal in which he would not be arrested if he became an undercover informant. The student then ended up living a secret double life while in college, wearing wiretaps and eventually putting away big-time criminals.
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May 16th
10:21 am

From THR:

Zac Efron and Amber Heard have boarded IM Global’s chase thriller Autobahn, which Eran Creevy will shoot this fall on location in Germany.

M Global is fully financing and producing the film. Producing are 42’s Ben Pugh and Rory Aitken and Automatik’s Brian Kavanaugh-Jones. Chris Cowles and Chris Fenton of H2F will executive produce.

In the script, written by F. Scott Frazier and Creevy, an American backpacker (Efron) is hired as a pickup driver for a gang of German drug smugglers. But when a job goes awry, he’s forced to flee from his employers, leading to high-speed chases around Munich. Heard will play his girlfriend.

IM Global, which will shop the project to foreign buyers in Cannes, says Autobahn is in the spirit of Gone in 60 Seconds and Unstoppable.

More about the film from Creevy and FrazierCollapse )

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