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shannenb posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 18:01

Nick Jonas's post-Bros life: He's done giving a sh*t. Also might drop a new single tomorrow

Nick Jonas has emancipated himself from the squeaky-clean shackles of former purity ring-wearing boy band The Jonas Brothers.

After the wholesome trio broke up in October, there’s been some deep, dark soul-searching.

Now Nick is making a comeback with a buffed-up physique for DirecTV’s mixed martial arts drama “Navy Street” (the title has been changed to Kingdom) and a song called “Chains,” which describes his feelings about being trapped for years in the chaste character of a JoBro and comes with a racy video starring Dylan Penn.

A source told us, “ ‘Chains’ is a metaphor for what he has been feeling all these years.”

Errr....no1curr if you don't make the hotel bed Nick, that's why they have housekeepingCollapse )


Also, this was on Twitter--don't know how legit is is, but he has been in NYC for the past couple days playing his new music for the media, etc:

New single?Collapse )

Haven't really bothered much with him this summer, but sounds like he's got a career plan going at least.
knockelles posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 17:36

Celebrities who have voiced their support for Palestine

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to escalate, it has caught the attention of many prominent figures, including a rock star, an NBA player, and a scientist, who are publicly taking a stand against Israel and throwing their support behind the Palestinians.

Performing in England over the weekend, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder launched into a profanity-laced tirade in which he appeared to criticize Israelis, “who are looking for a reason to kill.” (Comments begin at about the 4-minute mark).

Additionally, famed physicist Stephen Hawking reemphasized his support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

Other celebritiesCollapse )

sarahvma posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 17:36

BBC4's Utopia: A Recap of Episode 3 and Questions for the Back Half of the Series


Now we’re starting to realise why that flashback episode was so crucial.

Without seeing Carvel and Milner’s relationship from the beginning, we wouldn’t understand why the ice-cold Milner could let her emotions get the better of her with Carvel and Jessica.

Is she going to be undone at the last minute by her own past?

With Milner going soft and Arby (it’s increasingly hard to think of him as Pietre) apparently trying to go straight (via murderous means), the show really needed to bring Lee back from the dead. He’s exactly the oddly insightful sociopath series two needs.

More questions than answers, tbh.Collapse )


Are you still watching, ONTD? Bets on what Carvel's "adjustment" to Janus is?
hautekills posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 17:19

'Game of Thrones' Favorite Boards ABC's 'Resurrection'

Game of Thrones' Catelyn Stark is rising from the dead. Well, sort of.

'Resurrection' Showrunners Put Focus on Humanity Over Sci-Fi
Actress Michelle Fairley has booked a season-long arc on ABC's sophomore drama Resurrection, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
More under the cut...Collapse )

morgan90 posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 17:10

Sports betters post official odds for "Doctor Strange" casting

Though a Doctor Strange adaptation isn't technically yet official, the film has a director, screenwriter, and release date, and is widely expected to be formally announced this weekend at Comic-Con. Marvel has thus far been silent about casting the film, but rumors are running rampant and sports betters have already placed their odds on who's going to be getting the role.

Benedict Cumberbatch – 65/1
The rumor mill has Cumberbatch as one of the front runners for the top role as the mystical doctor. With his roles as the title character on BBC’s Sherlock and Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, he can definitely pull off the arrogance of Stephen Strange.

Tom Hardy – 110/1
Another actor labelled as a front runner for the role, Hardy is certainly no stranger to the superhero film genre with his turn as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. He’s got a couple of other big franchise pics in the mix right now though, particularly with next year’s Mad Max: Fury Road, that may make him too overexposed for the role.

More potential nightmares after the cutCollapse )
smolderhotter posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 17:10

Nina Dobrev Kept In The Dark Over Ex Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Dating

It’s hard to believe Nina Dobrev had no idea about Nikki Reed and ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder’s romantic feelings for each other because they’re all close friends. But, ‘Nina hasn’t been told anything’ about Nikki and Ian’s relationship, an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.
Before Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder started dating, they used to go on double dates with their respective ex’s Paul McDonald and Nina Dobrev. HollywoodLife.com has now learned EXCLUSIVELY that Nina, 25, had no idea about Nikki, 26, and 35-year-old Ian’s ongoing love affair. Did Nikki break the classic “don’t date a friend’s ex” rule?

Dating a friend’s ex is always rocky territory, especially if you were ALL friends to begin with!
Read more...Collapse )

Thoughts? Have you ever had a friend who ended up dating your ex?
_twenty posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 17:10

Cheryl Cole on track for fourth solo #1

The up-tempo sax-adorned track, which also features Tinie Tempah, will be Cheryl's last release under her former moniker of Cole, after marrying boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini earlier this month.

Crazy Stupid Love is out in front by a margin of almost 22,000 chart sales, and has been downloaded more than 77,000 times so far. Should the song maintain its momentum, Crazy Stupid Love is set to become Cheryl’s fourth solo chart topper and eighth including her Number 1s with Girls Aloud. Cheryl also appeared on the 2010 charity cover of R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts for Helping Haiti.


no at that name change tho
lyrabjadesss posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 17:10

Batman Day: A Celebration of All Things Dark Knight

Batman is celebrating his 75th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion, comic shops, bookstores and libraries by the hundreds will be observing “Batman Day,” a full day devoted to all things Dark Knight! On Wednesday, July 23, participating comic shops and bookstores will give away free copies of DETECTIVE COMICS #27 SPECIAL EDITION, an updated take on the comic that first introduced Batman to the world. This extra-sized issue features stories by Brad Meltzer, Scott Snyder, Bryan Hitch and Sean Murphy, as well as Batman’s first adventure, Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate,” reprinted in full. In addition, it includes a sneak peek at Meltzer and Chip Kidd’s beautiful reimagining of the original Detective Comics #27. Then on Saturday, July 26, libraries nationwide will get in on the fun with Batman-themed activities and great giveaways, including the free Detective Comics #27 Special Edition.

Even better, the comic is just the beginning! Look for Batman bookmarks, bags, a Batman 75th anniversary cape, and four specially produced Batman masks based on different eras of the Dark Knight’s history.

You can use our interactive map below to find your nearest participating comic shop, bookstore or library. In addition, all Barnes & Noble, Hastings and Books A Million locations will be participating, so we’ve included links to their store locators as well. Not all items will be available at all participating locations and free comics are only available while supplies last, so get there early.

Happy Batman Day, Bat-fans!

Find a Batman Day event @ your local Barnes & Noble!

Who is your favorite Batman, ONTD? Michael? Val? George? Christian?

I just found out that the Adam West Batman TV series is coming to DVD/Blue Ray for the first time in the fall!! I can't wait to show my kids the Batman I grew up with.

Batman:The Complete Television Series sizzle... by BatmanNewsCom

SOURCE 1 | 2 | 3
brenden posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 16:32

ONTD Roundup

alaynestone posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 16:23

Conan O'Brien to interview the flawless cast of OITNB (and some nobody)

'Orange Is the New Black' cast to make joint appearance on 'Conan'

The ladies of Litchfield (and one male counterpart) are headed to Conan for their first-ever late-night appearance as a group.

On Monday, August 4, the cast of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated show Orange Is the New Black, including Taylor Schilling, Laverne Cox, Uzo Aduba, Kate Mulgrew, Natasha Lyonne, and Jason Biggs, will join Conan on stage for his third group interview of the sort. Conan has previously featured the casts of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad in a similar format.

Conan airs at 11 p.m. on TBS.

Oh @ Jason Biggs being there, but no Danielle Brooks, Samira Wiley. Literally anyone else would have been better. Still excited, tho!
bob_benson posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 16:08

Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson pretend to be The National


The National's Mistaken for Strangers turned out to be less of a traditional rockumentary than a fascinating portrait of two brothers who couldn't be less alike. Now, Zach Galifianakis has his heart set on turning the story of brothers Matt and Tom Berninger into an intense, emotionally harrowing theatrical production, as chronicled in this excellent new Funny or Die sketch, in which Zach Galifianakis as his real-life doppelganger Tom Berninger and Galifianakis’ Bored To Death co-star Ted Danson plays Matt for the stage version of the documentary. The best part of the video comes when Matt gives Danson advice on how to do that whole precarious walking-over-the-crowd thing that he does at so many shows.

why?? why won't you embed???Collapse )
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heyignatzmouse posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 15:58

Ariana Grande Loses Her Grandpa

Read moreCollapse )

abortions posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 15:57

Zoe Saldana Is Pregnant, Expecting First Child With Husband Marco Perego

Forget Rosemary's baby—Zoe is expecting one of her own! Zoe Saldana is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Marco Perego, a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

"Zoe is about three months pregnant," the insider tells Us of the Guardians of the Galaxy actress, 36. "But she will only announce the news when she's ready."
Another insider says she and Italian artist Perego, 35, can't wait to be parents. "Zoe has always wanted a big family," the second source says, "and Marco's on board, too!"

The mom-to-be has been making the rounds this week to promote Guardians, but has strategically tried to camouflage her burgeoning bump on the red carpet. On Monday, July 21, she kept onlookers guessing with a printed frock. She was also spotted earlier in the day wearing a baggy T-shirt under a loose-fitting blazer.

The New Jersey native isn't the only one in her family expecting. As Us exclusively reported, Saldana threw a baby shower for her pregnant sister Mariel Saldana Webb earlier this month. Along with sister Cisely Saldana, the trio celebrated at Caulfield's restaurant in Beverly Hills on June 8.

Us broke news in September 2013 that the Avatar actress and Italian artist secretly married in London. "It was super small but very romantic and beautiful," an insider told Us at the time. Almost a year after their nuptials, the couple finally made their red carpet debut at AOL's NewFronts event in NYC on April 29.


damn her husband's hair is LAID
ballsmazig posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 15:57

All The Details About Hilary Duff's Comeback Have Been Revealed + FIRST Preview of Chasing The Sun

RCA Records. Her first single “Chasing the Sun”, written by Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves and Toby Gad and produced by Toby Gad, will be available at all digital music providers on July 29th. The single is available for pre-order now. The music video for “Chasing the Sun” will also premiere on VEVO on the same date.
Says Duff, “I couldn’t be more excited to join the RCA family!  I love my team there and feel so lucky to be in the company of their talented artists. I came to them with my vision for the album and it has been a real labor of love, but something I am so proud of. ‘Chasing The Sun’ is just a peek into my new album. I’ve worked very hard and the album is a great representation of the experiences I’ve had in my life and where I want to go from here!”
After taking a long break from the music industry, Hilary is currently in the studio finishing up her highly anticipated RCA Records debut , which will be her 5th studio album and is due out this fall.
“I took a break from music for quite awhile, but it gave me the power to choose my next steps carefully and I’m really proud of the album I’ve made. ‘Chasing The Sun’ is a light and fun summer song that I hope helps people to feel a little more carefree,’ states Duff.
“We are thrilled to welcome Hilary Duff to the RCA Records family,” says Peter Edge, Chairman & CEO, RCA Records. “She is a supremely talented young woman, who after achieving massive success at a young age, continues to be an extraordinarily creative, relevant and cutting edge performer with a enduring appeal.”
“Hilary Duff is a global superstar, a talented singer, actress and performer and we are thrilled to welcome her to RCA Records,” says Tom Corson, President & COO, RCA Records.
Read more...Collapse )TweetsCollapse )
Tweets 1 2 3 4 5

First clip of Chasing The Sun, uploaded by Hilary on Instagram!Collapse )

The song is doing pretty good on iTunes with just Hilary doing two tweets for promo!
ponpiri posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 15:50

The Leonardo DiCaprio and Nelson Mandela Photo Mystery


There’s a mystery in South Africa! No, it’s not the search for Charlize Theron’s lost accent. It pertains to a photo, taken of the late Nelson Mandela (whose birthday is today) and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, which Mandela signed with a personal note to DiCaprio. It was taken in 2006, while DiCaprio was in the country filming Blood Diamond, and was presumably meant to be sent to DiCaprio at some point. And yet, it never was. Now it has resurfaced, offered up for sale by a company called Moments in Time, for $25,000. How did the company get the photo? No one knows.

Read more...Collapse )

sharknbark posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 15:34

Blind Item: No time to grant a wish

She’s great at giving big smiles, pretending her personality is as sweet as her voice. It depends. If she’s talking to Ellen DeGeneres, well, of course she’s lovely and accommodating. But what if it’s a child in a wheelchair?

There was a kid who had a wish. The wish was to meet her favourite star. So they made arrangements for it to happen at an event earlier this year where the star was promoting her show. They set up the wheelchair at the end of the red carpet, everyone had been informed, and then, when it came time for the moment, as soon as they started introducing her to her young fan, she cut off the handler, said, “NO”, and then walked away…even though the family had specifically flown there for the opportunity.

She has ONE advocate. One. And that’s only because he made her. But since he’s caring less and less about that particular project, when that’s done, she won’t have any supporters left. Because no one can f-cking stand her.


Maybe Ryan Murphy will give her a guest role on AHS: Freak Show...
cageyb posted to ohnotheydidnt July 23 2014, 15:34

Sci-Fi Movie Trends: The Last Black Man


Summer blockbuster season has become a time to witness The End. Ends of cities, ends of civilizations, ends of worlds (and the rare ends of universes). This year’s summer box office has had and will have no shortage of apocalypses, with a long list of films featuring the ends of worlds and exciting new replacements crowding IMAX 3D theaters and midnight releases. The science-fiction films that have now permeated the fabric of the mainstream are about deconstruction and reconstruction of rules and eras. Many take place in new post-apocalypse eras where the rules are No Rules, studded leather is the only available fabric and names like Cypher Raige and Stacker Pentecost and Jericho Cane and Rayford Steele are common (my screenplay featuring Bluffer McBromium is available upon request). Many other offer more existential views on looming destruction of worlds (or smaller life and system worlds). But there are other common threads beyond the use of advanced technology in science-fiction films. For one, they all tend to represent alternate realities where every single Black person in the world has somehow gone extinct, except one.

Enter The Last Black Man. The Neo-Negro. Usually, this paragon of resilient Blackness arrives in movies in one of two specific trope forms. The first is the badass Human Cheat Code who is either the main character in Will Smith movies or a supporting character who should probably be the main character if we’re being honest with ourselves. The second is the older Future Magical Black Man, most times a former Human Cheat Code that mentors the main (white, often Tom Cruise) character and usually sacrifices himself for the protagonist in a heartbreaking scene. Not only do both of these character tropes shoulder the tough burden of knowing most people on the Earth just died and robots or zombies or robot zombies (ask Mr. McBromium) are threatening to wipe out the rest; they also have to live with the knowledge that somewhere along the line all of their extended family members, college friends and President Obama were unfortunately taken in by some race-specific rapture. What gives?

Let’s start with a few recent examples before we move further. In no particular order, here are the Last Black Men in science fiction.
Read more...Collapse )


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