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Jun 20th
02:01 pm
The Paperboy Release

According to Variety, Millenium Films will release The Paperboy on October 5th. This is a guess but I think there is a good chance they will screen it as sort of a premiere during the New York Film Festival which runs September 28 to October 14. Hopefully we'll get a trailer soon!

The Lucky One DVD

Per WOW HD (via breakingfree88), it looks like The Lucky One will be released on DVD and Bluray on August 14th in the US. ETA: Per the US TLO Facebook, the release date is August 28.

This is Where I Leave You and Townies Filming

There was some confusion off of Adam's twitter about when TIWILY might start filming. I think what he meant was he is starting pre-production in earnest in July and it will film in the Fall. This makes sense because it doesn't seem like there is enough crew, etc. ready for filming in just a couple weeks. Also, production databases indicate it will film in early September. Related to this briefly, there is no info yet on when Townies will film. It would be nice if it was right after TIWILY but nothing is set as far as I know.

ETA: At Any Price ADR and Venice Film Festival chances

This brings us also the to question at which film festival At Any Price might be screening. The timing of the ADR might indicate that post-production is coming towards an end and the film is ready to play at a festival this fall. Most movie sites (and this blog) has been pegging it to go to the Venice Film Festival which takes place Aug 29 - Sep 8 since Ramin Bahrani has a very good relationship with the festival. I think the chances are very good but until participation is officially announced, everything is speculation (the filmmakers know earlier but they are under confidentiality). The line-up of the Festival will be announced during the official press conference to take place in Rome at the end of July 2012. (Bee)

Also, random picture from the John John shoot.

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